Brian Gallant, Postcards and the Economy

On Wednesday I participated in the Face the Children postcard campaign initiated by the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform and Campaign Life Coalition – Youth.

And I felt conflicted the entire time. Dropping off postcards in people’s mailboxes with pictures of aborted babies? Did it need to be so graphic to make its point? Does it have to be so in your face? What about the dead babies? Do we really have a right to use them in this way?

My head was a bundle of conflict and anxiety. What if there was a confrontation? WHAT IF SOMEONE SEES ME?! What if they yell? Swear? Attack?

I was nervous, I was anxious and the whole morning before I went postcarding I was certain I was going to throw up. (I am really good at working myself up into an anxious frenzy).

But then I realized 2 things:

  1. I have really great friends who listen and respond when I am being a complete head case 
  2. If I don’t speak for these children, who will?

Their lives mattered. People deserve to know them. To see their faces. To see their bodies. 

Their lives matter, and people need to see what choice does. The heartbeats that it stops. These children deserve their voices to be heard. 

In the postcard campaign, they get a voice. People see them. People see their faces, their hands and their feet. People see their humanity.

We live in our comfortable little bubbles. We talk of abortion using flowery language to disguise its nature. We talk of choice, reproductive health, and bodily autonomy.

We never discuss the children. The children who had no say in their conception and no choice in their death. We treat them as disposable garbage, as inconveniences. We deny them their right to life.

And that is wrong. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that all Canadians have a right to life and freedom of conscience. Abortion on demand eliminates that right, and the Liberals want to eliminate freedom of conscience both federally and provincially.

“The existing incumbent MPs were green lit (to seek nominations) originally through a different process that we respect. But the policy going forward is that every single Liberal MP will be expected to stand up for women’s right to choose.” – Justin Trudeau

“Some Liberals who oppose abortion have insisted their leader won’t impose his beliefs on them, but Gallant has said the party will adopt a policy similar to the federal Liberals’ and promote a position “that respects a woman’s right to choose.” – Brian Gallant

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the very thing our politicians are meant to uphold, they are willing to violate.

And, just so we are clear, in Canada there is no constitutional right to an abortion.

People are quick to say that abortion doesn’t matter in the New Brunswick election. The economy matters. According to the CBC, New Brunswick is barrelling towards bankruptcy.

But, Brian Gallant’s Liberals, the NDP and the Green party want to tax fund abortions.

According to the CBC: “Annual increases in public spending on health care in recent years have exceeded economic growth, inflation and population increase. In other words, massive infusions of money into health care are impossible”

But, the Liberals, the NDP and the Green Party want to tax fund abortion.

“The province’s net debt currently stands at about $11 billion and could jump to about $62 billion by 2035, he said.” 

But, the Liberals, the NDP and the Green Party want to tax fund abortion.

Abortion is not an essential service. Abortion on demand is not necessary and not economically reasonable. “Medically necessary” abortions would still be available. 

New Brunswick, like Canada, is below population replacement rate. More people are aging and drawing pensions, the median age of workers is 44, and there are no young workers coming up to replace them and pay into the social programs that provide the pensions.

You can’t recover an economy if there are no workers. The economy will continue to suffer if people are not here. Jobs get outsourced when people aren’t here. Population growth, again from the CBC, drives economic growth.

But don’t worry, because even though we don’t have people to work and stabilize the economy, we can use the precious tax money we do have to fund the elimination of unborn children instead of funding programs that would foster life, families and actual growth. Tax funded abortion perpetuates economic decline, it doesn’t foster population growth and it takes money that could be used on practical and necessary services and wastes it.

Wasting money on abortion is not what is good for New Brunswick, a woman’s  choice is more than one woman and one baby. The ramifications effect everyone.

That is ultimately why I chose to involve myself in the postcard campaign because even with all the violence we see in the movies people still react such an outcry to images of dead babies because it makes us uncomfortable but it sparks a discussion, as it should.

We need to ask why it makes us so uncomfortable. Is it because we know the only outcome to pregnancy is a baby? Is it because we know that what we all have in common is that we were all at that stage of development in our mother’s wombs and someone could’ve made the choice to kill us? Is it because we were given life and they were not?

Or, is it because seeing these images make it harder for us to deny the humanity of those aborted babies?  People don’t like to be wrong. Facing choice makes it harder to reconcile the pro-abortion viewpoint with human rights. And I think that is why people respond so strongly. They are so committed to the euphemisms they aren’t able to see the reality and when they do, they don’t want to be wrong so they get angry. 

And that is why I decided to help people Face the Children, because their voices may be silenced, but mine is not. 


Never thought I’d see myself agreeing with this guy…

If you are interested in seeing the postcard that was distributed, it can be seen here:


In Which Green Day Inspires my First Post in 2 Weeks

In 2004, Green Day released one of my favourite albums, American Idiot and in 2009 the album was turned into a successful Broadway musical. And, full disclosure, I prefer the Broadway musical soundtrack to the original, the harmonies, the song mashups, everything was just good. 

This is a long-winded way of saying that yesterday, I was listening to the musical soundtrack mashup of “Last of the American Girls” [this song is actually from the album 21st Century Breakdown] and “She’s a Rebel”. 


And it made me start to wonder who they are singing about.

Green Day was always very loudly liberal and American Idiot was very much reactionary to the perceived redneck-ing of American. 

For example:

Well maybe I’m the f**g*t America.

I’m not a part of a redneck agenda.

Now everybody do the propaganda.


One nation controlled by the media.

Information age of hysteria.

It’s calling out to idiot America.

They want us to fight back. They want a fight against this conservatism. They want their country to be a country of free love, no shame, and anything goes. In their song, She’s a Rebel they created an anthem for the nameless (“the one they call ol’ Whatsername”), the ones who are fighting for their liberation and breaking away  from masses and fighting for a cause. 

But here’s a thing. The rebel they want no longer exists. The rebel that they invoke is now everything that they are fighting against. 

Green Day’s politics have become mainstream, they are no longer the voice of the disenfranchised masses or the voice of change. Their hope and change has come and gone.

In Canada we have a Liberal leader who is moving to have all of his cabinet ministers to group think on certain matters, going so far as to say that if a liberal leader doesn’t agree to vote pro-choice (regardless of personal conscience) they are not welcome in his party.  He has also extended that same ultimatum with regards to same-sex “rights” (SSM marriage is essentially a non-issue, but surrogacy and things like that still are). 

The media, particularly the CBC write with a defendant bias. A taxpayer funded news system that represents a fraction of the population and yet is vehemently anti-life and anti-Catholic. 

Green Day may think that propaganda and media control are “redneck” (read: conservative) tools but they would be wrong. Very wrong.

Dissenting from liberal groupthink forces people into unemployment (Damian Goddard, for example) or into “sensitivity training” (too many people to list). People rally against Harper, but no one has ever been required to violate their conscience with him. I don’t even particularly like him, but he is better than Trudeau. At least Tories still respect freedom of conscience.

So when we speaks of the faceless masses to stand up and start fighting, we are now fighting for righteous revolution and no the self-righteous rebellion Green Day and the liberals agitate for. 

Interestingly, Green Day referred to their rebel as “salt of the Earth” and a “saint”. Jesus similarly, calls us to be salt of the Earth and to be saintly in our actions.

But Green Day’s definition vary from Jesus’. Jesus wants us to fight for what is right and what is truth. He wants everyone to be one in him. To follow him. 

He wants us to love one another. But also, Jesus asks that we judge one another’s actions. 

Jesus calls for peace, but he also flips tables to get his point across.

Jesus calls for us to be one, but he also says that he has come to cause division. 

Judging another’s actions must come from a place of love. Loving someone is not wanting them to be happy, it is wanting what is best for them. If your friend is a drug addict, you love them and encourage them to get help. 

If someone is pregnant and alone, you offer love and support. Not judgement, condemnation or abortion (murder). 

Jesus’ flips tables because he refuses to back down. We can never back down in our fight for Him. We need to continue the fight, through peaceful and loving means but we must continue to fight without ceasing. 

There is a reason that courage is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Jesus knew we would need it. 

Jesus calls for us to be one, but this can cause division. Families that are not religious or are of a different denomination can sometime judge or reject someone for becoming Catholic. But following Jesus and his Church is to realize that Catholic is the only option, because it is the one true Church. 

Looking for love and peace while following the progressives is to follow a train on a collision course. Progressives don’t know how to stop. Their wishy-washy rights and redefinitions are now being used to define seedier and seedier things. “But we love each other” has become their rallying cry. But the peace and happiness they are looking for are becoming harder to find. Because they are looking in the wrong spot.

So be the rebel that Green Day wants, but fight the fight of Jesus and his Church. Only then will you know true peace and true happiness.