The #MarchforLife and Overcoming Fear

Yesterday I told someone where I worked.

This isn’t unusual for most people, but I don’t like confrontation and I’m timid and tend to avoid it. I can post stuff on Facebook and I try to keep it non-controversial, but on Facebook I can turn off the notification.

Today I told someone where I work, face to face, and it was terrifying.

I work for a right to life organization, and I’m okay with telling people when I know they are allies. For everyone else, I just say I work for a non-profit and pray no follow up questions are asked.

But today, I just said it without hemming and hawing and it felt natural.

I was shocked.

Fear is something I’ve dealt with forever. I’m fearful, anxious, and constantly worried about saying or doing the wrong thing in social situations.

Today, however, it just felt so natural. I stared at the woman and her face reacted a little bit but she said nothing: no confrontations, no accusations about being anti-choice or anti-woman.

Lately, my faith life has been…not the greatest. I’ve been busy at work, and there have been so many setbacks and it has been so discouraging. I have said the odd prayer here and there, mostly for strength.

I was asking for the strength to be courageous in the fight for life.

I was asking for strength to proclaim life to strangers, even if I’m hated, yelled at, and ostracized.

I’m still not perfect (obviously), and I’m still not sure that today meant anything. Maybe it was just a fluke. I don’t know.

But maybe, just maybe, it was the start of something.

Today in my province is our March for Life; tomorrow we gather to stand up for life from all stages, in all circumstances. Today I’m a face in a crowd, but still, we march.

I’m wearing a shirt with a bold slogan; it’s not exactly subtle.

And today I march for my little brother who is years younger than me and has special needs, but whose life is just as valuable as anyone else’s.

I march for a friend’s sister who happened to have Down’s Syndrome, because upwards of 90% of Down’s Syndrome children are aborted.

Today I march for those who are elderly, lonely, and suffering. Canada has removed its restrictions for euthanasia and, unless we end up with a miracle, euthanasia will end up in the same legal vacuum as abortion in Canada, with no laws at all governing it.

Today I march for women, all women, because our equality is not dependent on giving up our femininity. Our power lies within our ability to bear children and bring forth life.

Life is filled with less than perfect circumstances, but our ability to love those around us, at every stage of existence, regardless of age, location, or abilities should not be governed by circumstance. Love is a choice and it is stronger than death.

So today, above all, I march for love.


Brian Gallant, Postcards and the Economy

On Wednesday I participated in the Face the Children postcard campaign initiated by the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform and Campaign Life Coalition – Youth.

And I felt conflicted the entire time. Dropping off postcards in people’s mailboxes with pictures of aborted babies? Did it need to be so graphic to make its point? Does it have to be so in your face? What about the dead babies? Do we really have a right to use them in this way?

My head was a bundle of conflict and anxiety. What if there was a confrontation? WHAT IF SOMEONE SEES ME?! What if they yell? Swear? Attack?

I was nervous, I was anxious and the whole morning before I went postcarding I was certain I was going to throw up. (I am really good at working myself up into an anxious frenzy).

But then I realized 2 things:

  1. I have really great friends who listen and respond when I am being a complete head case 
  2. If I don’t speak for these children, who will?

Their lives mattered. People deserve to know them. To see their faces. To see their bodies. 

Their lives matter, and people need to see what choice does. The heartbeats that it stops. These children deserve their voices to be heard. 

In the postcard campaign, they get a voice. People see them. People see their faces, their hands and their feet. People see their humanity.

We live in our comfortable little bubbles. We talk of abortion using flowery language to disguise its nature. We talk of choice, reproductive health, and bodily autonomy.

We never discuss the children. The children who had no say in their conception and no choice in their death. We treat them as disposable garbage, as inconveniences. We deny them their right to life.

And that is wrong. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that all Canadians have a right to life and freedom of conscience. Abortion on demand eliminates that right, and the Liberals want to eliminate freedom of conscience both federally and provincially.

“The existing incumbent MPs were green lit (to seek nominations) originally through a different process that we respect. But the policy going forward is that every single Liberal MP will be expected to stand up for women’s right to choose.” – Justin Trudeau

“Some Liberals who oppose abortion have insisted their leader won’t impose his beliefs on them, but Gallant has said the party will adopt a policy similar to the federal Liberals’ and promote a position “that respects a woman’s right to choose.” – Brian Gallant

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the very thing our politicians are meant to uphold, they are willing to violate.

And, just so we are clear, in Canada there is no constitutional right to an abortion.

People are quick to say that abortion doesn’t matter in the New Brunswick election. The economy matters. According to the CBC, New Brunswick is barrelling towards bankruptcy.

But, Brian Gallant’s Liberals, the NDP and the Green party want to tax fund abortions.

According to the CBC: “Annual increases in public spending on health care in recent years have exceeded economic growth, inflation and population increase. In other words, massive infusions of money into health care are impossible”

But, the Liberals, the NDP and the Green Party want to tax fund abortion.

“The province’s net debt currently stands at about $11 billion and could jump to about $62 billion by 2035, he said.” 

But, the Liberals, the NDP and the Green Party want to tax fund abortion.

Abortion is not an essential service. Abortion on demand is not necessary and not economically reasonable. “Medically necessary” abortions would still be available. 

New Brunswick, like Canada, is below population replacement rate. More people are aging and drawing pensions, the median age of workers is 44, and there are no young workers coming up to replace them and pay into the social programs that provide the pensions.

You can’t recover an economy if there are no workers. The economy will continue to suffer if people are not here. Jobs get outsourced when people aren’t here. Population growth, again from the CBC, drives economic growth.

But don’t worry, because even though we don’t have people to work and stabilize the economy, we can use the precious tax money we do have to fund the elimination of unborn children instead of funding programs that would foster life, families and actual growth. Tax funded abortion perpetuates economic decline, it doesn’t foster population growth and it takes money that could be used on practical and necessary services and wastes it.

Wasting money on abortion is not what is good for New Brunswick, a woman’s  choice is more than one woman and one baby. The ramifications effect everyone.

That is ultimately why I chose to involve myself in the postcard campaign because even with all the violence we see in the movies people still react such an outcry to images of dead babies because it makes us uncomfortable but it sparks a discussion, as it should.

We need to ask why it makes us so uncomfortable. Is it because we know the only outcome to pregnancy is a baby? Is it because we know that what we all have in common is that we were all at that stage of development in our mother’s wombs and someone could’ve made the choice to kill us? Is it because we were given life and they were not?

Or, is it because seeing these images make it harder for us to deny the humanity of those aborted babies?  People don’t like to be wrong. Facing choice makes it harder to reconcile the pro-abortion viewpoint with human rights. And I think that is why people respond so strongly. They are so committed to the euphemisms they aren’t able to see the reality and when they do, they don’t want to be wrong so they get angry. 

And that is why I decided to help people Face the Children, because their voices may be silenced, but mine is not. 


Never thought I’d see myself agreeing with this guy…

If you are interested in seeing the postcard that was distributed, it can be seen here:

The Devil Doesn’t Exist

Satan doesn’t exist. It’s true. I don’t believe in him. Sure, I believe in Jesus. But that is because I’m a good person. Jesus doesn’t judge. As long as you’re a good person, you’ll be on his good side. Jesus is great. But religion, especially the Catholic Church, gets it wrong. Jesus just wants us to love and be happy.

My boyfriend and I love each other, we aren’t married and children would be inconvenient. Jesus was all about the love, and because my boyfriend and I love each other, He won’t care that we are participating in the one (and only!) act that creates a new person even though we have no intention of having children yet. That is why we use contraception, we are being safe. We don’t want to be punished with a child. But how else can we show love?

Sure there is a chance I might get pregnant, but you know what? I have options. I’ll have an abortion. I know people say it is murder but it isn’t. Murder is killing a contributing member of society, a fetus isn’t a real person yet so it isn’t contributing to society. It isn’t murder.

Everyone knows that murder is wrong, but abortion doesn’t count! Even though science says you are killing a life with unique DNA and a heartbeat, it would be an inconvenience right now. So Jesus doesn’t mind if I kill the fetus. Jesus understands, I have to finish school before I can have a baby. Plus, I love my boyfriend and he doesn’t want children. I’m sure Jesus will forgive me. He understands I’m in love. He wouldn’t have made sex fun otherwise.

People ask why my boyfriend and I don’t get married. I mean, we live together, sleep together and a pretty much married but we don’t think it’s important. It is just a piece of paper. And I don’t think it is right to get married until marriage is equal for everyone. Homosexuals love each other, they need to be married before my boyfriend and I will. Love and sex aren’t something that the government should be able to legislate.

I know some people say that homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to get married, but that isn’t fair. Like I said before, marriage is just a piece of paper. It is an outward sign people love each other and are going to commit to each other. Maybe have kids, but only if the time is right. Jesus wanted everyone to be loving and happy. Gays want to be married, so they should be happy. Jesus would want this. Because you don’t HAVE to have babies when you have sex. And besides, gays can always adopt or hire a surrogate. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. In fact, it is better. Because there are no surprises, you can wait and plan for the time to be right.

See, the Devil can’t exist. There is no reason for it. Jesus said to love one another and not to judge. There is no reason to be unhappy. I mean, sure, the Devil might exist when people murder someone or rape someone. But that is really the only thing. Jesus is love. And when you love someone you want them to be happy. No matter what. As long as no one is getting hurt, Jesus is happy.


The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. — The Usual Suspect

The Devil works in seemingly small inconvenient ways. He convinces you that your happiness matters above all. He convinces you that is what Jesus wants.


What he doesn’t tell you is that when you sin you distance yourself from God. That little twinge of guilt? That little niggle of discomfort? That feeling in your stomach that something isn’t quite right? That is Jesus, trying to tell you that you aren’t making Him happy.

Jesus’ love is completely selfless. He wants us to be happy, but not in the same way the Devil does. Jesus wants us to be happy eternally. The Devil wants us to be happy now. The Devil is about instant gratification and a culture of justification.

The Devil was that little wiggle of doubt in Martin Luther’s brain when he decided marriage was no longer a sacrament and shouldn’t be governed by religion. In the 1500s marriage became nothing more than a piece of civil legislation. “Marriage is a civic matter.  It is really not, together with all its circumstances, the business of the church.”  It is so only when a matter of conscience is involved.” (“What Luther Says” CPH 1959, Vol. II, page 885)


The Devil was that little voice inside the head of Margaret Sanger as she championed the fight for birth control and eugenics. It was the devil that championed the call for no more babies! and that “birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race”. No gods, no masters, indeed.

The Devil was the influence on the Protestant religious leaders during the 1930s Lambeth conferences when the decision was made to allow married couples to use contraception. Marriage without the requirement for babies!

Yes, the Devil got busy in the 20th century. He is the voice inside the same-sex marriage advocates heads when they say, “why not us! We are in love, we aren’t having babies. What makes us different?”


The Devil has worked hard to have Christians devalue sex, Christianity and human life. And the churches have fallen. One by one. Which makes it easier for him to succeed. For us to listen to him and ignore the light of truth and love that Jesus provides.


Sex and marriage became selfish. Sex without responsibility. Loving after every part of the person except for the part that truly made you one flesh. The part that truly made you one. This is the reason marriages are failing. We have lost the true meaning of love, or sex, of marriage. Love became a feeling. Something you can lose as quickly as you’ve gained it. Love and lust became interchangeable. Lust is a feeling, love is a decision. Marriage was no longer a forever commitment but instead a decision to love a person until you don’t any more.

So, the where the Devil treads, selfishness follows.

The Devil was busy when gay couples started asking for children. Because it was fair. Because it will make them happy.  Christians, hell, humanity had devalued children so much that instead of remaining the outward sign of the shared love and responsibility of their parents they became accessories. Something you get when you are ready. When you’ve earned them.


Manufacturing children devalues humanity further. Creating children in a lab purposely depriving children of their heritage. Depriving children of one of their parents does nothing for society. It turns men into studs and women into breeders. Children are left wondering, not knowing their history is from.  The Devil made it so children were no longer an outward sign of total and self-giving long. Children were now a sign of status. Of selfishness.

The Devil does exist. That fact needs to be acknowledged. He exists in every act of selfish love, intolerance, bigotry and hatred. In the fleeting happiness of relativism.

Jesus doesn’t want us to be happy right now. Jesus wants us to be happy forever. The gratification isn’t immediate, but the rewards are eternal. It isn’t hard, it isn’t complicated. It’s following the commandments that his Church has always upheld. It is standing up every time you fall. It is about asking for forgiveness.  It gets easier the more you heed his call to sin no more.

“And Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you; go, and do not sin again.” – John 8:11 RSV-CE


Faith, Hope and Trust in a Godless Society

Yesterday, the province of Quebec passed a law legalizing euthanasia for adults in their province. Even though it violates Canadian federal law. It was barely covered in the news because of a shooter on the loose in Moncton.


I’ve never felt so hopeless for humanity, especially in Canada where things like shooting sprees just don’t happen. Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. The beginning of the end of the 2nd World War. I can’t help but think that all that those soldiers fought for was in vain. How much have things really changed?

Sure, Hitler is dead and the Nazis didn’t take over Europe. But Hitler’s politics, his belief what he was fighting for. That didn’t die with him. Hitler was about creating a master race. He was all about eugenics and getting rid of who he declared as undesirable. And 70 years on, as we celebrate the triumph at D-Day we still see strains of the eugenics in our world. I generally avoid bring up Hitler, or the Nazis in arguments because no one ever takes it seriously, but it this case it seems so appropriate.

Euthanasia is all about getting rid of undesirables, those that are damaged in some way. That we see as less than perfect who don’t deserve to live. Sure we package it up into pretty language by saying we are easing their pain and it will only been in extreme cases when palliative care just isn’t good enough. But this is an illusion, it is only a matter of time before we turn into Belgium, or into the Netherlands. In 2002, Belgium legalized euthanasia for terminal patients in extreme pain. Recently they legalized euthanasia at all ages. Including children.

And studies have shown that doctors often euthanize patients without patients explicit request. So the shiny package of euthanasia is a slope that can lead to worse things. According to the report I’ve linked to, 52% of men over 80 didn’t explicitly request it. So someone made the decision to end someone else’s life. Which is murder. But now it is legalized murder.

Murder is wrong. Everyone knows this. So what do we have to do to start to see change in our world. How can we keep fighting a battle when it seems like we are losing all the time. How can we get better when everything just keeps falling apart. 

Am I on the wrong side of things? Sometimes I feel like I am. Because it is hard being on this side of the debate. It is hard being on the side of truth, dignity and life when everything is pushing back. I always thought the culture of death was an overblown exaggeration but I’m not sure anymore. And as much as I’d love to give up the fight, I know that I can’t. Being on the side of truth is never easy. We have to have faith that things will change. And, as Arthur Weasley says in the 5th Harry Potter movie, “truth will out”. Trust in truth and right will win. But we have to have faith.

 We have to have faith, but we also have to change the things we can. We have to stand up and fight back. We need to hope and pray  that things we can’t control will change. We have to hope and pray for conversions of heart by being leading, loving examples. We can never compromise but lead with charity and love.

And we need to trust. We need to trust in Truth and trust in the natural law. That people will start to see that violating life at any stage is an offense to all of us. 

And when we have legalized murder in the form euthanasia and abortion, it is easier and easier for people to kill others. Murderers can start using arguments that abortionists and euthanasia doctors use. That person was an inconvenience so I killed them or that person was trampling on my right to freedom, so I killed them. They may not get away with killing their neighbour for that reason. But an unborn child or an elderly relative, it is legal.

And until this do change, I pray. I pray like crazy. And hope. And trust. And have faith. Because there is not thing else to hold on to. Everything else has failed. The Church has always remained as a beacon of life in a dark world.

And that is why the Church will never change, and always remain. Because no other organization holds up life and human dignity as much as the Catholic Church. And the Church offers hope. And with out life and hope, what else have we got?

The Deification of Development and Peace

I am feeling a tad bit rant-y right now…so bear with me.

I just got home from Mass and normally I find Mass to be a blessing and I mean how can it not be. We get to receive Jesus, listen to his words and be with Him in the mystery of the Eucharist.

But today was a whole different ball game. Today I went to a Mass that celebrated the glory and all that was good about Development and Peace. Development and Peace got more intentional mentions than Jesus and that is not how it should be.

The Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops has declared the 5th Sunday of Lent, the beginning of the Passiontide, as “Solidarity Sunday” where we are encouraged to remember and support those living in poverty in the Global South. Which is all well and good, I have nothing against alms and charity to help those living in poverty.

What I have issues with is Development and Peace.

The Mass I went today didn’t have a homily. Instead we had a reflection on how amazing D&P is. And an awkward skit thing that involved loves of bread and “making room for people at the human table” …..whatever that means.

During the Prayers of the Faithful where we petition God for things like helping the needy and the sick we were asked to respond to a bunch of petitions about how wonderful D&P is and how much they have helped our global family.

Before the Our Father we were asked to use the time of prayer during the Our Father to discern God’s will in us as to how we are to involve ourselves with D&P.

And, of course, we were asked to donate and donate frequently.

And I got upset.

Development and Peace is a sham. I know they do some really wonderful work but I cannot in good conscience support them because the work they do has a price. And the price is the lives of unborn children.

In February I mentioned D&P to my priest friend (the one I discussed in my post on the NET retreat), and told me that back in 2009 D&P came under fire when it was determined they were supporting groups that facilitate contraception and abortion clinics in impoverished countries. The bishops have investigated and claim that D&P doesn’t do anything in contrary to Catholic teaching.

But, then I learned a few weeks ago that the bishop in my parents’ diocese is refusing to support D&P and it spurred me to do some more research.

And I didn’t have to go far.

In Afghanistan, the D&P partner is a member of the Global Network for Women Peacemakers. Who work closely with the UNFPA and proudly declare their support for abortion access ALL over their website.

In Burundi, the D&P partner Ligue ITEKA is the main contact in Burundi for an organization called Africa 4 Women’s Rights

and, in Cambodia, the D&P partner NGO Cambodia is associated with CEDAW in Cambodia that again, works for access to abortion.

That was enough for me. D&P may not work directly with the organizations that are working for access to abortion but the organizations they partner with are actively working with organizations who do.

We have no way of knowing if the money we donate to D&P is safe or if it makes its way to the other organizations.

And with out that transparency, no Catholic in good conscience should be associating with or donating to Development and Peace and their activities. Not until something fundamentally changes.

So when I go to a Mass that is deifying D&P and all their God work I find it hard to concentrate. I find it really hard to open myself to Jesus, because I can’t get the idea out of my head that if I pray those intentions with them and say those responses I am participating in the problem.

And that clouds my conscience. And it isn’t right.

When we go to Mass the focus shouldn’t be on solidarity with those in poverty and making us feel guilty because we are blessed enough to live in the first world. Mass should be about focussing on Jesus and doing his will in accordance with His teachings and the teachings of His Church, the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church is the largest charitable organization in the world. We don’t need D&P for charity or warm fuzzy feelings. Any time we serve someone in the spirit of Jesus and self giving we can get those feelings. We can find better organizations or we can volunteer in our local communities.

Building strong communities locally build stronger communities globally. Be the Church where you are now, help rebuild your local community in the way God called you. Research before you donate. Never bury your head in the sand because people try to engage your emotions to guilt you into donating.

But remember to be Christ, to do what you do out of love and full of charity.

Gilmore Girls, Choice and Wantedness

Gilmore Girls is probably my favourite show. It premiered in 2000 and went off the air in 2007. On average I re-watch all seven seasons once a year. Apparently it is honesty hour on this here blog. Carrying on.

That is a weird way to start a post I realise, but just go with me.

If you have never seen the show, it is about a mother, Lorelai, and her daughter, Rory, who are making their way in the small eccentric community of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. Lorelai had Rory when she was 16. And even though it was 1985 and even though it is a full 12 years or so after the American Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion, Lorelai chose to keep her baby. She chose to keep the baby even with enormous pressure and she chose to keep the baby and raise it on her own, without the help of her wealthy parents.

And she and Rory thrived.

Christopher’s parents, Rory’s paternal grandparents, were unsupportive. They blamed Lorelai for getting pregnant and they suggested the best option would be an abortion. Not once did they express disappointment with Christopher impregnating Lorelai. Not once did they encourage him to own up to his responsibility. The blamed Lorelai and the encouraged her to abort.

In a flashback scene, Emily (Lorelai’s mother) and Straub (Christopher’s father) go toe to toe on the subject.

“EMILY: Christopher is just as much to blame as Lorelai is.
STRAUB: Like hell he is.
EMILY: They are in this together.
STRAUB: I don’t see why. Why should Christopher sacrifice everything we’ve planned for him just because –
EMILY: Choose your words extremely carefully, Straub.
FRANCINE: Emily, you know we love Lorelai, you know that. But Christopher’s so young, he’s a baby.
EMILY: Well, Lorelai’s not exactly collecting social security.
STRAUB: Why doesn’t she get rid of it?
EMILY: What?
STRAUB: It’s an option.
EMILY: It certainly is not an option.
STRAUB: Why not?
EMILY: Because I say so.” – Gilmore Girls, Season 3 Episode 13 “Dear Emily and Richard”.

And, although Lorelai, isn’t directly part of this conversation, her opinion is no different.

From the same episode:
“LORELAI: I know we’re all upset here folks, but maybe we should ask the kids what they think. Lorelai, Christopher, anything to add here?
CHRISTOPHER: Quiet, they’ll hear you.
LORELAI: Not likely. I don’t know how much longer I can just sit here like this.
CHRISTOPHER: It’s okay, let them talk.
LORELAI: They’re talking about us.
CHRISTOPHER: They’re trying to figure out what to do.
LORELAI: What to do with our lives – our lives! Yours and mine and…its.”. [Emphasis mine]

Both Lorelai and Emily recognized the inherent personhood of Lorelai’s unborn child. Rory, although unplanned and inconvenient was still a person worthy of life in both their eyes.

In a different episode, Season 1 Episode 15 “Christopher Returns” when we first meet Christopher and his parents, Straub and Francine, the following exchange takes place:

“STRAUB: If you had attended a university as your parents had planned and as we planned in vain for Christopher, you might have aspired to something more than a blue collar position. [In reference to Lorelai stating she runs an in and that she is happy in how her life turned out]
CHRISTOPHER: Don’t do this.
STRAUB: And I wouldn’t give a damn about you derailing your life if you hadn’t swept my son along with you.
LORELAI: [to Rory] Honey go into the next room. Go, go.
GRANDPA: I’m going to have to echo Christopher’s call for civility here. A mutual mistake was make many years ago by these two, but they have come a long way since.
STRAUB: A mutual mistake Richard? This whole evening is ridiculous. We’re supposed to sit here like one big happy family and pretend that the damage that was done is over, gone? I don’t care about how good a student you say that girl is….
STRAUB: Our son was bound for Princeton. Every Hayden male attended Princeton including myself, but it all stopped with Christopher. It’s a humiliation we’ve had to live with every day, all because you seduced him into ruining his life. She had that baby and ended his future.”

Again we are seeing Christopher’s parents who, even 16 year later, are still blaming Lorelai and Rory for how Christopher’s life turned out. They view Rory as unwanted and don’t acknowledge that Christopher, as it is alluded to over the course of the show, was hardly in Rory’s life. Christopher’s parents are looking to blame someone and don’t hold their own son accountable for his actions even though he wasn’t had in Rory’s life so Rory did not prevent him from going to Princeton.

But I have strayed off the point. In the “Christopher Returns” episode, we see Rory’s existence reaffirmed by bother mother and grandmother. They confirm her wantedness:

“GRANDMA: None of this means anything Rory.
RORY: Oh I know.
GRANDMA: … Rory, I know you heard a lot of talk about various disappointments this evening and I know you’ve heard a lot of talk about it in the past. But I want to make this very clear – you, young lady, your person and your existence have never ever been – not even for a second – included in that list. Do you understand me?”

“RORY: They don’t even want to know me do they?
LORELAI: That is not true. They are just so full of anger and stupid pride that stands in the way of them realizing how much they want to know you.
RORY: Yeah.
LORELAI: Their loss and it’s a pretty big one.
RORY: I’m going to bed now.
LORELAI: Hey. No regrets – from me or your dad.”

Lorelai chose life for Rory because she was wanted. Lorelai acknowledged her personhood from the beginning and even though it was inconvenient and the pressure from Christopher’s parents was loud and even though her own parents were disappointed, she wanted Rory so she kept her.

But does that really define a fetus? Is an unborn child only a person if they are wanted?
Why does a wanted child have more rights than an unwanted unborn child. Even Abby Johnson in her book Unplanned reflected on the difference. While working at Planned Parenthood she referred to unborn children as fetuses and medical waste, but while she herself was pregnant, Abby referred to her fetus as a baby.

But, fetuses are all the same. A fetus is always an unborn child. From the moment of conception the only potential that fetus has is whether or not it becomes a female child or a male child. But it always is and always will be a human.

Whether or not a child is wanted doesn’t affect its inherent dignity and its indisputable personhood.

That is why abortion is such a travesty. It kills innocent children. That is all it does. Abortion kills.

Any one who looks can find a person who would turn an unwanted child to a wanted child through adoption. Adoption is a hard choice, but there are far less complications and risks with adoption that with abortion. And Adoption always brings joy to the people who choose it.

The real “war on choice” come from people who dismiss adoption as a viable option.

The real “war on choice” comes from people who dismiss science, evidence and growing public opinion that life begins at conception. Who arbitrarily decide that a person is only a person if it is wanted, or only if it was conceived in ideal circumstances.

Adoption is a real choice. It is a loving selfless choice, it is everything abortion isn’t. It creates wanted children because every child IS a wanted child.But sometimes a family is not made by blood but by choice.

Choosing life creates families, choosing abortion kills them.

Script for “Christopher Returns”:

Script for “Dear Emily and Richard”: