5 Favourite Things I’ve Learned In My #heroicminutechallenge

So, I started the #HeroicMinuteChallenge that was started by Arleen Spenceley and Leah Darrow a few weeks ago (I waited a full week before I joined in), and I’d be lying if I said I woke up at 5 am every single morning (I have more often than not though! And every day this week, so far) but I’ve been enjoying.

The purpose of the challenge, as I understood it, was that by waking up early in the morning we are able to carve out some time to do something we may not have time to do later in the day (pray, read, blog, etc) and I used it as the kick in the pants I needed to get to the gym in the mornings. I always mean to, but then I don’t. Then I mean to go after work (and then I don’t do that either).blog 5 faves

But it’s safe to say that in the last 2 weeks I’ve gone to the gym in the morning about 7 or 8 times, the mornings I don’t go to the gym I usually read).


I actually have time to make my bed in the morning. The first one is a little bit ridiculous, but I’m usually so rushed in the mornings that I’ve never mastered the art of making my bed every morning. Now I have the time, and it’s true what people say about how your room will look neater and it is more relaxing to have a made bed. So there, waking up 2 hours before my regular alarm, gives me time to be an adult. And that is awesome.


Immodest male clothing does exist. This isn’t a favourite persay, but it is something I learned. Since rejoining the Church a few years I’ve been trying to really grasp the concept of modesty because there is so much information out there, and I never really understood how a man’s clothing could be considered immodest. Then I started going to the gym at 530 am and there is a man that also goes that early who wears the tightest, shortest man-shorts ever. Like athletic boxer briefs. So yes, I’ve learned that sometimes men’s clothes can be immodest and that both men and women have to consider what they wear and more importantly, what they look at.


It’s easier to be at work. I don’t have kids, or a spouse but I do have a nasty habit of letting my work seep into every part of my life, and the last few weeks have been so busy that I didn’t even notice that the stress had started to interfere with my sleep and my life in general.  Taking some time in the morning for myself has made it so much easier to deal with work and stress.




Getting to 10,000 steps is not that hard. I joined a weightloss/diet group just after Easter and one of the statutes is to get 10,000 steps in and it is so much easier when I do 40 minutes on a treadmill in the morning. By the time I am done at the gym and walking to work I have about 2500 steps to get which isn’t hard at all.



The feeling of accomplishment. Even if I spend the rest of my day doing stuff of little importance, at least I’ve accomplished one thing for the day. I love the feeling of accomplishing something, even if it is just a 40 minute walk on a treadmill.


So, I’m not sure if I’ll keep this 5 am wake up thing forever, but so far it has been nothing but beneficial for me.





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Being Catholic Is Awesome (Explained by Disney Princesses)


I am a young woman in college. Those who know me would say I’m a rain-loving and beanie wearing hipster, coffee addict, and bookworm. They would also say I’m passionately catholic. Of these identities, the most important is my faith. Being catholic is literally my favorite thing in the world and I thought I’d share some of the things I get a little excited about with my faith. (Through Disney characters of course).

1.) Praise and Worship– Basically a time to get crazy and praise Jesus like he deserves. No judging is accepted. You just sing and dance to worship the most amazing God. So beautiful.


2.) Confession– Where your soul gets a new start. We sin, we’re human. The good news is that God loves us so much, He forgives us. You walk in as a sinner, weighed down by guilt and the nastiness that is sin. You…

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They were guillotined 72 years ago today. And they deserve remembering.

Well, This Is What I Think

The White Rose Sophie Scholl and members of White Rose

One of the most disturbing, heart-rending and thought-provoking films we have ever seen was “Sophie Scholl – The Final Days”.

The movie covers the efforts of a resistance group fighting the Nazis called “White Rose” Although the White Rose is well known in Germany, it is not well known overseas.

Der Weissen Rose was a group of mostly students at the University of Munich in Bavaria. Some were studying philosophy. Most, but not all, were religious in some way. Some of the boys had done military service but were allowed to do stints at university between stints on the Eastern Front. This experience provided them with more knowledge of what was actually going on than the average person living in Germany at the time, and it appalled them, but in their courageous resistance they still come across as young and somewhat naïve. It is this…

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Frivolous Lunacy

I am tired of writing about things that matter. I feel like this blog has taken a slightly depressing turn of late.


And I am SUPER unimpressed with OECTA’s decision to be involved with the Pride Parade in Toronto. It only reaffirms my belief that public schools shouldn’t be allowed to label themselves as Catholic.


Anywho, my work handed out pedometers and issued a challenge to us employees to see who can accomplish the most distance between June 23 and September 23rd. The goal is to see if, site wide, we can accumulate the distance to say that we’ve “walked to Jupiter”. Which is 36000 km.

Which is 395 km a day for the 91 days of this challenge. I did the math. 3600 would be like 39km.


So my goal is the nice round number of: 680km. Which is about 7.5km a day (my daily goal).


Here is how it is going to work:

-I’m going to walk home from work (about 4.5km)

-I am going to go for runs 3 mornings a week (about 1km, still working up my run tolerance again. I’m woefully out of shape compared to last summer)

-The random walking around you do during the day

-the stairs in my apartment building.


So, ultimately, I’m thinking it won’t be hard to accumulate the 7km/day goal.


I’m also going to be tracking cals, weight, and pace. So we will see how it goes. I plan on posting updates and maybe even divulge the weight situation (*15 pounds heavier than last July!)


Walking music?! Don’t mind if I do:



Also I got to make some spreadsheets! My favourite. I’ll share those once some super OCD data in them. I’m concerned I have some sort of spreadsheet, list making OCD but I’m not sure if that’s a thing. My momma says our family is inclined towards degrees of OCD. lol




I saw Jersey Boys. Walk, don’t run, and see that stuff! It’s so good. I’ve been wanting to see the stage show for ages, but this is as close as I’m getting for now.


The Devil Doesn’t Exist

Satan doesn’t exist. It’s true. I don’t believe in him. Sure, I believe in Jesus. But that is because I’m a good person. Jesus doesn’t judge. As long as you’re a good person, you’ll be on his good side. Jesus is great. But religion, especially the Catholic Church, gets it wrong. Jesus just wants us to love and be happy.

My boyfriend and I love each other, we aren’t married and children would be inconvenient. Jesus was all about the love, and because my boyfriend and I love each other, He won’t care that we are participating in the one (and only!) act that creates a new person even though we have no intention of having children yet. That is why we use contraception, we are being safe. We don’t want to be punished with a child. But how else can we show love?

Sure there is a chance I might get pregnant, but you know what? I have options. I’ll have an abortion. I know people say it is murder but it isn’t. Murder is killing a contributing member of society, a fetus isn’t a real person yet so it isn’t contributing to society. It isn’t murder.

Everyone knows that murder is wrong, but abortion doesn’t count! Even though science says you are killing a life with unique DNA and a heartbeat, it would be an inconvenience right now. So Jesus doesn’t mind if I kill the fetus. Jesus understands, I have to finish school before I can have a baby. Plus, I love my boyfriend and he doesn’t want children. I’m sure Jesus will forgive me. He understands I’m in love. He wouldn’t have made sex fun otherwise.

People ask why my boyfriend and I don’t get married. I mean, we live together, sleep together and a pretty much married but we don’t think it’s important. It is just a piece of paper. And I don’t think it is right to get married until marriage is equal for everyone. Homosexuals love each other, they need to be married before my boyfriend and I will. Love and sex aren’t something that the government should be able to legislate.

I know some people say that homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to get married, but that isn’t fair. Like I said before, marriage is just a piece of paper. It is an outward sign people love each other and are going to commit to each other. Maybe have kids, but only if the time is right. Jesus wanted everyone to be loving and happy. Gays want to be married, so they should be happy. Jesus would want this. Because you don’t HAVE to have babies when you have sex. And besides, gays can always adopt or hire a surrogate. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. In fact, it is better. Because there are no surprises, you can wait and plan for the time to be right.

See, the Devil can’t exist. There is no reason for it. Jesus said to love one another and not to judge. There is no reason to be unhappy. I mean, sure, the Devil might exist when people murder someone or rape someone. But that is really the only thing. Jesus is love. And when you love someone you want them to be happy. No matter what. As long as no one is getting hurt, Jesus is happy.


The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. — The Usual Suspect

The Devil works in seemingly small inconvenient ways. He convinces you that your happiness matters above all. He convinces you that is what Jesus wants.


What he doesn’t tell you is that when you sin you distance yourself from God. That little twinge of guilt? That little niggle of discomfort? That feeling in your stomach that something isn’t quite right? That is Jesus, trying to tell you that you aren’t making Him happy.

Jesus’ love is completely selfless. He wants us to be happy, but not in the same way the Devil does. Jesus wants us to be happy eternally. The Devil wants us to be happy now. The Devil is about instant gratification and a culture of justification.

The Devil was that little wiggle of doubt in Martin Luther’s brain when he decided marriage was no longer a sacrament and shouldn’t be governed by religion. In the 1500s marriage became nothing more than a piece of civil legislation. “Marriage is a civic matter.  It is really not, together with all its circumstances, the business of the church.”  It is so only when a matter of conscience is involved.” (“What Luther Says” CPH 1959, Vol. II, page 885)


The Devil was that little voice inside the head of Margaret Sanger as she championed the fight for birth control and eugenics. It was the devil that championed the call for no more babies! and that “birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race”. No gods, no masters, indeed.

The Devil was the influence on the Protestant religious leaders during the 1930s Lambeth conferences when the decision was made to allow married couples to use contraception. Marriage without the requirement for babies!

Yes, the Devil got busy in the 20th century. He is the voice inside the same-sex marriage advocates heads when they say, “why not us! We are in love, we aren’t having babies. What makes us different?”


The Devil has worked hard to have Christians devalue sex, Christianity and human life. And the churches have fallen. One by one. Which makes it easier for him to succeed. For us to listen to him and ignore the light of truth and love that Jesus provides.


Sex and marriage became selfish. Sex without responsibility. Loving after every part of the person except for the part that truly made you one flesh. The part that truly made you one. This is the reason marriages are failing. We have lost the true meaning of love, or sex, of marriage. Love became a feeling. Something you can lose as quickly as you’ve gained it. Love and lust became interchangeable. Lust is a feeling, love is a decision. Marriage was no longer a forever commitment but instead a decision to love a person until you don’t any more.

So, the where the Devil treads, selfishness follows.

The Devil was busy when gay couples started asking for children. Because it was fair. Because it will make them happy.  Christians, hell, humanity had devalued children so much that instead of remaining the outward sign of the shared love and responsibility of their parents they became accessories. Something you get when you are ready. When you’ve earned them.


Manufacturing children devalues humanity further. Creating children in a lab purposely depriving children of their heritage. Depriving children of one of their parents does nothing for society. It turns men into studs and women into breeders. Children are left wondering, not knowing their history is from.  The Devil made it so children were no longer an outward sign of total and self-giving long. Children were now a sign of status. Of selfishness.

The Devil does exist. That fact needs to be acknowledged. He exists in every act of selfish love, intolerance, bigotry and hatred. In the fleeting happiness of relativism.

Jesus doesn’t want us to be happy right now. Jesus wants us to be happy forever. The gratification isn’t immediate, but the rewards are eternal. It isn’t hard, it isn’t complicated. It’s following the commandments that his Church has always upheld. It is standing up every time you fall. It is about asking for forgiveness.  It gets easier the more you heed his call to sin no more.

“And Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you; go, and do not sin again.” – John 8:11 RSV-CE

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Where I’ve Been…

I’ve been such a bad blogger lately. I’ve been in a weird funk and I don’t know how to get out. And I’ve been busy as hell. 

I like to live things slowly. I like planning and lists and I’m not really thrilled when thinks go other wise. I try to claim that I’m super flexible and laid back. But that is kind of a lie. 

Thinks are, thankfully, looking to calm down and I have about 85 half-written posts so once things calm back I want to get things on a roll again. 

I did start running again. So that is a positive. Running always helps me clear my mind and get things straightened out and I got a new app on my phone to help me keep track of all my craziness (shout out to Evernote and digital to-do lists!!) 


Anyways. I promise I will try to get back on my regular scheduled blogging next week. 


My computer died. The light went out of its screen. It is an ex-computer.

It has been a week now and it has been rougher than I thought. I miss blogging the most because I find blogging helps me get perspective.

I have a lot of blog posts floating in my head and I am concerned I will forget them. And blogging on my phone is NOT convenient.

But I should be able to manage a list of potential future blog posts.

1) “It’s okay as long as they aren’t hurting anyone”
2) Lies I was told growing up
3) All about how my diet affects my sleep (that post is mostly for me)
4) A book review of Jennifer Fulwiler’s Something Other Than God
5) A rundown of my first ever March For Life
6) A review of Jesus of Nazareth: Part 2 Holy Week
7) A rundown of my retreat this weekend

…..sit tight for that magic!

My new computer can not get here soon enough.

God Bless,