7 Quickies: Whole30, Lent and Shoes! Oh my.

Does anyone else feel like Lent snuck up super friggen fast this year?! I’ve been a spectacularly crappy Catholic of late, so I’m thrilled it is Lent so to begin a journey to get my soul in order.  So I went to Confession today to start things off right, and now, I can focus on growing in spirituality.



My prayer life has been severely lacking of late. I skim through the Blessed is She devotions, but I don’t read the bible verses just the reflection, and that is about it. I was really good about nightly prayers throughout January but the last week and a bit I’ve not been doing as good.

So, for Lent:

  • I ordered the Blessed is She Journal for Lent. I’m just waiting for it to show up! I’m so excited to work through it and I often journal when I pray in the evenings anyway so, match made in Heaven. Hopefully. (Also, I’m thankful I ordered it as soon as I heard about it because they sold out. They still have a digital one though!
  •  For the mornings, I really want to get into the habit of praying through the Lorica of St. Patrick as well as just a general morning prayer. I fail at praying in the morning.
  • Daily Mass! The Church near my work offers daily Mass on Thursdays and Fridays conveniently at lunch time. I plan to adjust my lunch hour to make it possible to go to Mass on those days.




Ah Lent, the time where people suddenly decide to give things up. And occasionally partake on Sundays. Or not. Whatever floats your fancy. (As an aside, I really liked what Mr. Bearman Stewart wrote on that topic the other day).

I’m giving up Netflix (and streaming) for the entirety of Lent. Even on Sundays. Anyone who knows me, knows this is kind of a big deal. I have Netflix on ALL the time. But, as of Wednesday, deactivated. Until Easter. It will suuuuuck, but I think it’s important. And I’ll probably be able to polish off one or two more books. 



Oh boy. I have decided to complete a Whole30 (Whole47?) for Lent. No Sundays off (not allowed) and no breaks until Easter (or Holy Week, I’ll be travelling home for Easter and I am truly terrible at eating healthy while flying/travelling).  I even joined up with Kelly as part of her Lenten Whole30. 

Between this and giving up Netflix, I may be thoroughly miserable for the first week until I figure out a new normal.




Phew, no more Lent talk. I FINALLY got new gym shoes. I was doing so well at the whole gym thing and then, my old shoes started to show their wear. It was hurting more to run with them than without them. So I stopped running (just as I was starting to find my groove again) and I strictly did my bootcamp classes at least once a week but I did them in sock feet. Super good for my feet I’m sure.

But I got new babies to wear out, so excited to get back at the whole runnin’ thing.



I re-read Pope Awesome by the always entertaining Cari Donaldson. I even convinced my Books and Breakfast group to read it. Although, I’m thinking most of us just show up for the mimosas because only a 1/4 of us ever actually finish the books we choose.

I have to say though, re-reading the book gave me an opportunity to highlight some of the things I like (and notice that Kindle tracks how many people also track the same passages you do. And then tells you. Which is….weird).


I love this quote, because when you honestly and openly start searching through the Church’s teachings they are beautiful and some of it is really hard to grasp but it’s all so good.



Some links I loved this week:

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Links unrelated to Catholicism:

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I love this. I like Mean Girls and art and I found this so entertaining.




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Clean Lent…the First Week.

The high high hopes of eating clean and working out and becoming more active in my prayer life for Lent, well…oy. Not so great.

Maybe I was expecting too much of myself or perhaps I didn’t realise how intensely I would feel the 21 Day Sugar Detox effects, or how acutely I would feel the time change, or just general busy-ness.

I know consciously it is good for me to tune out and focus on other things that are related to my phone, or my computer. And I know that constantly having the TV on in the background while I am cooking and eating or working on things for my youth group of for work is also not helping but…habits are haaaaaaaaaaard to break.

First up.

My first week on the 21DSD aside from my couple of mistakes has been okay. I always, generally, eat pretty healthy. My trouble is condiments because I love me some sugar laden condiments. And making an effort to cook in advance so that I am not scrambling and relying on junky foods when I get busy. But it is a good skill to have, I’m sure. Especially if I ever get married and have kids.

But, to say that I have been diligently tracking my food intake would be be an understatement. For proofs:

The first few days...pretty good..

The first few days…pretty good..

and then:

Hahaha yep. That is me. Absolutely no followthrough.

Hahaha yep. That is me. Absolutely no followthrough.

I am still determined to follow through with this, I just can’t promise I will write stuff down. ….Now, have I noticed any positive changes? Well, aside from the detox hangover (it is fun waking up hung over when you haven’t had alcohol in nearly a month….) and the bouts of dehydration (I always drink 90% water. Rarely juice and no longer pop) so suddenly being constantly dehydrated is something entirely new to me. And I don’t like it one bit. Dry skin sucks, headaches suck, chapped lips. All of it, sucks. So now I have to drink even more tea and water than I normally doooo. Oh, and the coworker-friend I have who likes to tell me I shouldn’t eat certain things because “there is sugar in that”. And my slightly crabby response of “IT IS ON MY APPROVED LIST! DO NOT TAKE MY TEA AWAY FROM ME”. I’m thoroughly delightful and charming. Let us hope that it gets better…

Positive results? Um, well, I think I’m sleeping better but I’m wildly inconsistent about going to bed on time. And the time change didn’t help. But I am sleeping more deeply, for example, this morning I didn’t hear my roommate get up and get ready for work which has NEVER happened before. The joy of having the bedroom beside the bathroom.I am still tired ALL the freaking time though so maybe it is all in my head that I am sleeping better. Also, I think I’ve lost a teeny bit of weight. My collar bones are almost slightly visible now, so I guess that is a thing.

Since the beginning of Lent, I have yet to darken the door of my local gym. Literally, the Y is DIRECTLY beside my apartment building. But, I have been doing some of the at home 30 Day challenges that you can find on Pinterest. I’m not always doing them daily, but when I miss a day, I double up the next day. Which hurts like hell, and serves me right. Offer it up though, I’m sure the Lord can use my pain for something.

And, because I make an Excel graph for absolutely everything:

Maybe if I add a polka dot background the challenges won't seem so daunting...

Maybe if I add a polka dot background the challenges won’t seem so daunting…


Wow, so that is my Lenten round up. So far. It can only keep getting better.

And on the bright side, this detoxing and the crabbiness that goes with it is definitely helping me work on my charity towards others. Not taking my crabbiness out on others, St. Jude Thaddeus pray for me because it is super hard/impossible.


And that is it. That is my Lent round up week 1. 5 more to go.

So Far So….Meh

So Lent guys. Wow.

How is everyone’s Lent go. Mine has been a constant struggle. A struggle to remember to pray, to eat right, to work out. All of the things I have decided to do. And it has been hard. Definitely some slip ups. But tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day and I will just keep going.

I had my youth group today and there is nothing like feeling you are alone in a storm. Like you are the only person fighting for something that nobody cares about.

I’ve never been that person before. I don’t like being that person. I’m an introvert and I avoid confrontation like the plague.
But, God has gifted me with two distinct personality traits: intense stubbornness, and the overwhelming need to. always. always. be right.

And the more I form my conscience, the more I have tapped into the side of my personality. God gave me those traits for a reason. I need to be that person, I need to be an example and an instructor to these teens. Even if I’m going toe to toe with a woman at least twice my age. I respect my elders, but I don’t believe that means they must never be challenged. But, I just feel that until I can do that in a spirit of charity and love, it is better left unsaid. So we pray and go to confession. My least favourite thing in the world. But man, it is amazing.

This Lent is turning out to be stressful. Oy.

God Bless,

Ash Wednesday: Evening

It has been a long day. I’m hungry, but honestly that isn’t even bothering me. Fasting in memory of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice is nothing. But I AM tired. Wow.

I didn’t go to the gym after work tonight as planned, mostly because I didn’t think it was that great of an idea when you are fasting. My gym bag is now packed for tomorrow, so I am now ahead of things for tomorrow 😉

I have, however, made the decision that I’m not going to be going to Mass this evening. I am dealing with really bad cramps (overshare? probably, but who cares it is my blog) right now, so I had a bath when I got done work. So now I have wet hair, the remains of a cold (10 days and counting…) and I can’t justify going outside in -30 weather with wet hair for a Mass that isn’t an obligation.

I’ll apologize to Jesus later and head to confession on Saturday.

I also apologize for this rambling blog. Being tired and blogging is probably not the best combination.

In other non-Lent related news, a blogger whom I have been following for a while posted an email I wrote to her in a comment thread. And answered the email. It sounds lame, but it made me happy. Her blog is wonderful and she has some good information about Catholicism there, check out her Little Catholic Bubble for more good stuff. It gets pretty heated sometimes in the comments though.

How was that for a rambling post?

I’m off to drink some tea, take some cold meds and curl up with my first book for Lent.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Ash Wednesday. Lent is one of my most favourite times of the year. I’m terrible at self-reflection, so I love when I am forced to do it :).

God bless,

Ash Wednesday: Morning

When you have a cold fasting becomes a problem.

At least for me. When I have a cold, I want to do nothing more than curl up in a ball, whine and eat all the junk food I can. Ha, joke’s on me because that is ending now.

Although, I am still concerned that the cough drops I rely on during the day for this awful possible bronchitis cough I have will negate my fast. I looked them up, those babies are 15 calories a piece and have a lot of sugar.

But I’m not too concerned and I’m sure Jesus will forgive me.

I had 1 egg for breakfast. According to Canon Law those of us of fasting age (18-59) may eat one meal and then two small meals, but they mustn’t exceed the quantity of the main meal. And they must not contain meat or meat derivatives that taste meaty (like gravies or soups). Eggs are okay though.

So for breakfast I had one egg. For lunch I will have some veggies. Essentially I’m breaking up my normal breakfast over two meals. Normally for breakfast I have 2 eggs, bacon, and then some sort of vegetable. I’m skipping the bacon entirely of course.

I haven’t decided on supper yet, but I plan to go to the gym today (another Lenten challenge) so it will likely be more eggs.

I have also said a morning offering. So far so good. Even if I’m still hungry. But I will offer up those hunger pains in prayer today for various intentions.

Have a blessed Lent, don’t forget to go to Mass!

God Bless,


The What and Why of Clean Lent

The best place to start a Lenten sacrifice is on Shrove Tuesday. Probably. I’m having cookies for dinner and also Pizza Pockets. Not exactly the Pancake Tuesdays of my youth.

But I’ve never really been into pancakes so I’m okay with that. And if people can shamelessly co-opt Mardi Gras into a debaucherous wilding then I co-opt pancakes for cookies.

But actually that speaks to a larger issue that I have in my relationship with food. And by that I mean my relationship with food is wildly unhealthy.

Which brings me to the purpose of my Lent this year. I have a lot of plans this year for my Lent, some sacrificial and some prayerful.

I’m planning on reading more books and dedicate time every day to books, religious and fiction.

I’m planning on starting to say the night time Liturgy of the Hours (found here: http://www.universalis.com/readings.htm).

and I plan on working on my relationship with food, hence the title of this blog: Clean Lent. I am also going to start working out again.

I’m starting out by doing a 21 Day Sugar Detox (more information can be found here: http://balancedbites.com/21dsd) and then once that is completed I’m going to switch to a Whole30 Paleo bootcamp for the remainder of Lent.

My food sacrifice may seem superficial to some, and that is okay. Because it really isn’t. It is directly related to the sin of gluttony. I binge on food, on junk, on carbs. I have a sugar addiction and it is a wrong that I need to fix. Not that bingeing is the only problem I have. I’m also known to chronically undereat and then compensate by bingeing. Unhealthy all the way around.

So that is my Lenten plan. The What and the Why.

It starts tomorrow.

And until then, I have more cookies.

God Bless,