7 Quick Takes – To-dos, Not Alone Series and more!



This week! It’s been a blur. I wanted to write my QT on Friday but Friday I was upset. And annoyed. And discouraged and I thought it was related to the God-forsaken abortion clinic re-opening in my town, but, it turns out that it was also the beginning of a truly delightful stomach bug that had me completely laid up all day yesterday and left me with a killer headache and ear ache today. On the brightside, I was able to drag myself out to get groceries today at the Walmart superstore, and I looked like I belonged. My energy is zapped, and my bed is calling for me.

And I’m still really bothered about the clinic reopening. It’s so discouraging. So so so discouraging, prayer is all I can do at this point because I’m at a loss as to what else will help.

I wanted to go to Adoration, but, unfortunately, my town doesn’t have readily accessible adoration so I prayed and read my bible, and found this:

2 Corinthians

I kind of want to find a print of this verse, and get it framed and stick in my office.


How is my reading resolution going? Meh. I didn’t get much reading done this week because I had several other things going on. I’m working on Recall Abortion by Janet Morana and so far I’m really not loving it. It has a lot of good reviews and I think it would be pretty good if they took out about 2/3 of it because it makes some good points but they got lost in a lot of babble, but, it is on the list and it was a Christmas gift, so I will keep plugging away at it.


I did, however, end up going to the gym a bunch of times in the last week. So much so that I think I over did it because I was sore for days. I used to go to the gym a lot a few years back and I guess I kind of thought I could just jump back into my old routine and pretend like it hasn’t been 2 years. Hahahahahaha. Nope. So I’m scaling back and for right now I’m focusing on starting an 8-week running program on M/W/F and my bootcamp (which is mostly strength) on Tues/Thurs.

The running program I’m loosely following is the SparkPeople one that I found, but I’m shortening the walking intervals because I didn’t find I needed them to be 4 minutes, I’m also doing it on the “rolling foothills” setting on the treadmill so some of it is done on an incline for extra intensity. This is the tentative plan right now, but ultimately if I need more walk time I’ll take it, of if the 40 minutes is too much I’ll drop it. But I did the SP version the other day and 40 minutes was fine for me.

Run plan pdf


I haven’t done my Not Alone Series post yet this week, but I’ve already done a look ahead to 2015 post and a reading goals post for 2015 so, instead for this week, I’m going to take a page out of my friend Melody’s blog and do a To-Do list for 2015!

  1. Complete the 52 week savings plan!
  2. Successfully complete a Whole 30 (the one I started 2 weeks ago was derailed and then crashed). Lent seems like a good time to try again
  3. Start decorating & furnishing my apartment more like an adult and less like a college student
  4. Lose 40 pounds
  5. Stick to a budget (I’m so so so bad at this!)
  6. DIY something! I have a pedestal table and a dresser to choose from.
  7. Buy some shelving for my storage room and organize the boxes and such that are in there
  8. Purge some stuff. I have boxes I’ve never even unpacked, so I think I can start with those.
  9. Complete my 2015 reading list
  10. Be more conscious about fasting on Fridays. It probably won’t be from meat though, because I can’t tolerate fish at all
  11. Be more conscious about avoiding foods that I’m sensitive to and start actually focussing on healing my body


I’m straight up loving the #ProjectBlessed on Instagram. I’ve been super lazy about posting in the last few days, but even if I don’t post I always check the prompts and mean to post something. Reading the prompts make me more aware about the blessings in my life. I’m not really as into Instagram as some others (I think it’s because I’m not crafty, don’t have kids, and the food I eat, while delicious, is not usually photo-friendly) but I check it all the time and love seeing what others post.


A woman who volunteers at my work once a week (not Catholic) was asking me about my Catholic Adults group was asking me about it. “So, is it a good place to meet cute guys?”, my response was “Uh….not as much as you’d think.”

Apparently my singleness has been really noticeable in the last week because everyone has been making comments or asking questions about it this week. It’s weird. It’s a good thing I’m good at being single because otherwise I might have a crisis and become one of those women who defines themselves by the men or lack of men in their life. Still annoying though.


I don’t really have 7. Oh! I Skype-d (well, hungout on Google) with a friend of mine last Sunday. She is the director of the National Campus Life Network, and it was really nice to catch up with her and discuss the different struggles of working full-time in the pro-life and engaging more young people. It’s hard. Young pro-lifers exist, but it sometimes seems they don’t exist where I am.

Friends of mine are currently plotting out something that would be so great for the pro-life movement in New Brunswick and it would be so so great if it gets off the ground. I’m not going to go into tooo many details right now because I’m not sure of them myself but pray that it happens, I’ll give more details as they come!

Hop on over to Kelly‘s for more quickies!


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