7 Quick Takes – Resolutions Week 1


So, I figure there is no time like the present to go hash out how my resolutions have been going and using it as an excuse to link up with Kelly over at This Ain’t the Lyceum for this.


I was so excited to write this post because my Whole30 has been going amazingly well…..and then we had a volunteers lunch today. And it was a potluck. Literally none of the food was Whole30 compliant (I tried!) so now I feel decidedly miserable. Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m so looking forward to getting back on the wagon because I was doing so well, and feeling amazing. Even if I did jump from Day 2 to Day 8 on the Whole30 timeline (how does that even happen?).



I’ve already finished 2 books from my list, but, to be fair I was already 2/3 of the way through one and the other was just really good and a super quick ready.

Rooted in Love: Our Calling as Catholic Women was alright, but I didn’t love it. I realised why I put it down after I started it back when I got for 2013 Christmas. It was really anecdotal and I didn’t really feel there was a lot of substance to it. Some parts were good but for the most part it was just meh. Read Mulieris Dignitatem and you’ll get the same the same message as the book in fewer pages. Also it’s free online and written by a Saint 😉

The Loser Letters: A Tale of Life, Death and Atheism was good. I had never read The Screwtape Letters but this is kind of a modernization of those but towards the New Atheists (Dawkins, Hitchens, et al). Now, it wasn’t perfect, some of it felt really forced (the author trying so hard to sound young) and some parts were a little bit ramble-y but some good points were made about the illogicalness (is that a word?) of some of the arguments often made by New Atheists.


Ah…finances. I stuck to the Gail budget perfectly. Whole30 food is a tiny bit more expensive than I planned and so I had to dip a little bit into the Entertainment fund to round out some grocery expenses (but seeing as I pretty much don’t do anything except for 1 night out a month, it didn’t matter).  I’m still tweaking the budget, but so far, so good. I really want my Visa and my MacBook both paid off by June (which is pretty feasible) and then I can just focus on my student loan. The amount currently split between the computer and Visa is more than my required student loan payment amount, so that works out well. I’ll try to increase that amount as much as possible as I can.


I’ve been pretty good about the gym. I decided against budget for a weekly trainer because that money can be better spent added to the debt repayment amount. So right now I’m doing my twice weekly bootcamp and am trying to fit some extra gym time in on Sundays and one other day during the week.


Screen time…..I’ve been pretty good at shutting off the computer by 7:30 (I did it at least 2 times this week…so that’s pretty good. Right?!) There was one evening I had a work webinar so I had no choice, but!, I was still getting in a lot of reading time, but currently I’m writing this at 9:50pm so clearly today was a fail. I’m also still having trouble not compulsively checking my phone before bed after I did my reading and prayers. So, it’s still a process but I’m still trying to be more conscience of the screens. Less is more, but baby steps too. Giving up Netflix will probably help, a lot. I should also be done Friends by then so…that will also help.


That’s really all the resolutions I have, but tomorrow I definitely have to clean and unpack from all my moving around over the Christmas holidays because…I can’t find my iPod charger. Yeah, I don’t even normally lose things so this is really bugging me.


Can I give a little shout out to the #ProjectBlessed thing on Instagram? I’m loving thinking about the blessings every day and trying to find little bits of joy in my least favourite (by miles) season. -30? No thanks. Never again. I’ve also finally started reading the Blessed is She daily reflections more frequently, and I’m loving them. Signing up for them on my work email makes sure I see them as soon as I get to work!

  And don’t forget! Check back with Kelly for more Quick Takes!


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