A Day in the Life – Not Alone Series, vol. 4

not alone5


Morning: I usually wake up at 645 or earlier, but my alarm doesn’t go off until 7 so I usually stay in bed on my phone until my alarm goes off. Reading blogs and checking Instagram is kind of a disease that I can’t seem to get over. Plus 90% of the blogs I read get posted at night so there is usually something to read in the morning. Once my alarm goes off I start my before work routine of breakfast and listening to music, or watching Friends while I eat. I leave for work about 830. I walk, which I like, except for this week when it’s determined to be -100 Celsius (yesterday was -30, so I’m only exaggerating a little bit!) I do like to listen to more prayerful music on my way to work but lately I’ve been really into podcasts. More specifically, the Serial Podcast (which sadly I’ve now finished).

Work: I get to work at around 9 and I’m always the first one here so I have to do all the opening up and unlocking, etc. I spend my day at work answering emails, photocopying, answer the phone, getting the mail. It’s not very high stress unless we have a fundraiser or something going on. Currently we are gearing up for a fundraiser starting in February so I had a volunteer come in yesterday and help me with some stuff. I love when volunteers come in because it breaks up the monotony and gives me someone to talk to.

Afternoon: After I’m done work (at 4:30) I walk home and then I get home and I usually eat dinner and watch Netflix. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ve started attending a weightloss boot camp at the gym so last night I went there after I finished dinner. I also started a Whole30 on Sunday so my whole life has been consumed with planning meals and making sure I keep my food intake in line. I feel so good already after just a few days (sleeping like a boss!) but it’s easy to get lazy.

Evening: One of my New Year’s resolutions is to turn off my computer at 7:30 in the evening to make time for reading, or cleaning, or just anything that is not passive screen time. I’ve been mostly successful so far, but it’s so easy to fall in to the trap of just one more episode, or one more article…etc. Writing out my daily routine has made me realise how often I have Netflix on in the background as I go about my life, Netflix is currently speeding to the top of my what to give up for Lent list.

Bedtime: I usually shower and start my bedtime routine around 9. Then once I’m all settled I try to spend some time in prayer and writing in a prayer journal. Then I go to sleep.




Fave part of the day? The mornings before work, or mornings when I don’t work. I really like waking up in the morning and making a plan for the day ahead and think of any goals I want to accomplish that day and things like that.

Least fave part of the day? Being at work on a slow day.  It’s just drags and I feel like I’m wasting so much time. Even though I know I’m really not.

Any changes to my daily routine? The only recent change is the computer shut off at 7:30 pm thing. And starting to go to the gym again after a super lazy junk-food filled, sleep deprived Christmas break.


4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life – Not Alone Series, vol. 4

  1. Ooh, I love the days when I can plan out and get a lot accomplished. It’s the best feeling to make a list of things to do, and be able to check them off as I go. Last week I cleaned out and filed a bunch of paperwork (receipts, notes, blog post ideas, etc.) that has been staring me in the face for months. It was such an accomplishment! Oh yeah, I agree – slow days at work are the worst. Keeping the pace of work active and steady is the best!

  2. Super excited for your Whole30! I’m just one day behind you, so sharing some recipes might be a good idea! I’m worried about getting bored, but haven’t so far. It’s been a big adventure!

    And I loved SERIAL, it was such an interesting story. Now there are a few interviews from The Intercept with Jay and now today the prosecutor. And I listened to Slates Serial Spoilers Podcast after I was finished and it was so interesting! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the ‘who dun it’ part of the podcast!

    • I plan on doing a first week round up on the weekend for my Whole30, but yes, sharing recipes might be good. So far I really only had my first week planned so I need to get planning on Week 2. I’ve been eating mostly leftovers because all the recipes are for more than one person so, easy for me.

      I haven’t listened to anything other than the Serial podcast, but I’m not intrigued by the other ‘casts & interviews that you mentioned. I will have to look them up

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