7 Quick Takes – Blessed Holiday Edition



The holiday season, as most people know it, has come and gone and I’m back at work but as Catholics Christmas is still happening. I totally thought Christmas was just 12 days but my friend (who happens to be a priest) was like, nope it’s actually 8 weeks. Learn something new every day, I guess. This was my first year that I had a job which provided me a decent amount of time off for the holidays and they were full and busy and wonderful.


I’m blessed because even when I am away from my real family, I can have a family Christmas. Theoretically, I could’ve gone home for Christmas but it would’ve cost money I didn’t have and I would’ve had to travel on Christmas Eve and, well, I hate crowds.  I was invited to spend Christmas with my best friends’ family. This family has been so good to me over the years and I am so lucky that they so willingly open their home to me.


Is it just me, or is Christmas just better surrounded by little kids? Their joy and their excitement is the best part of Christmas for me. Even though I would’ve rather stayed in bed for SEVERAL more hours, their joy was infectious and I’m so happy the family I celebrated with has 11 children, and I could be surrounded by children. It was noisy and loud and exhausting and wonderful.


I got some really wonderful gifts. Some books, an iPod, a wallet/phone case, a snazzy dress, the warmest mittens (a necessity in Canada), and some giftcards for books and Cineplex and a beautiful icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I am always so overwhelmed with other people’s generosity. I never really have a Christmas list and I never really want for anything. My favourite part of Christmas is being around people that I love, that’s it for me. That sounds kind of lame, but it’s kind of the truth.


I hear a lot (a lot!) about how being single on the holidays sucks and is ultimately the worst thing ever, but I politely disagree. I actually really enjoy it (for the most part). Do I want to be married? Yes. Do I want children? Yes. Dwelling on these facts, however, is not going to make either of those things happen faster. For right now, I’m content in leaving the child-raising to other people and work on being okay in my solitude. To focus on growing in my relationship with Jesus and the Church, to grow my prayer life. To read more. To grow in virtue. To deepen friendships. It’s not all fun though, I would really like to be married and have a home and family and start developing my own traditions and such, but, in God’s time.


After the boisterous and crazy that was my Christmas I was lucky enough to be able to get away a visit with a friend who lives a couple hours away. He’s a priest so he was busy with the Church stuff and the homily writing (New Year’s day being an obligation and such) so I was able to enjoy the quiet. There was movie watching, late nights, hilarious conversations and lots of quiet. It was a really nice change of pace after the Christmas crazy.


I was so happy to be home. After 9 days (plus a weekend) off and after only spending 1 day and 2 nights in my apartment coming home last night made me happy. I was so full of happiness and exhaustion (and a stomach ache from the sugar and milk I was eating in all the chocolate!). I thrive on routine so getting home, and going back to work and building a new year around my resolutions makes me so happy. I’m such a introvert it’s kind of crazy.

Ultimately, I loved the reminder that God is good and he has blessed me abundantly. Sometimes I lose sight of that and the reminder is really nice. I rang in my New Year surrounded by friends, laughter and joy. 2015, I’m ready for you to bring me some more of that. I’ve also completed 1 of my resolutions, boot camp & Whole30 start next week!

And before I forget, linking up with Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum!


2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – Blessed Holiday Edition

  1. Singleness and the Holidays was some food for thought for me as well these past few weeks. And as much as I want to be married and have a bunch of kids, I was thinking how different my holiday breaks will be if there was a man and some little ones attached to me. I’m sure I would adjust but it wouldn’t involve watching movies, drinking tea, reading books, all on my parent’s couch for two weeks. With my own family, I know that will look different, so I’m working on enjoying this time in between!

    • I totally agree! I am slowly learning to take advantage of all the perks of singleness when I can essentially just go and see and do what I want, because once you’re married you have to start making compromises!

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