Thankfulness – Not Alone Series Vol. 2

It’s so frustrating to have to write this post after spending a good long time cuddling with my friend’s 13-day-old baby, while conversing with their almost 3-year-old. So, I’m starting with a bit about what I’m thankful for because I need to because today and right now I’m extremely disgusted with my provincial premier.

I live in Canada, so my thanksgiving was over a month ago but there is always something to be thankful for. So here is my list, which I am subtitling:


I am thankful I have a family of gracious loving people, and that my siblings and parents all get along.

I am thankful for friends who let me cuddle their babies, even when it’s a snow storm, because babies (aka, the products of conception) are the most wondrous little beings.

I’m thankful I live in Canada, and have the free speech available to me to just be frustrated and vocalize it.

Canada, for starters, has zero restrictions on abortion at a federal level. We have nothing in our constitution, or in the Canadian Health Act.  We are on par with North Korea, and China. Which is not a place I like to be, it blows my mind that just 13 days ago it would’ve been perfectly legal for my friend to abort her child in my country. Perfectly legal. 10689557_701036376682227_6563896508897648607_n

New Brunswick, had the barest minimum of restrictions on abortion as part of regulation 84-20 which stated that non-essential services would not be covered by our provincial health care, however, if 2 doctors deem an abortion as medically necessary than an abortion may be permitted in hospital. (Section 2).

Today, our premier, and his cabinet, decided to scrap that regulation.


The cabinet meetings were not known to anyone outside of his candidates and the opposition party were as blindsided as the rest of New Brunswick was because the regulation debate was not made known before it was decided on. While a vote is not needed because it is only a regulation and not law, past political leaders in the provinces posted the regulation changes online for people to review and comment on for 30 days prior to making any decisions, which in a democracy seems like the right thing to do.

Brian Gallant, our premier, also stated that we would no longer require specialists to perform the procedure and any doctor would be able to preform abortions. Currently, New Brunswick only has 2 or 3 doctors who will perform abortions and we have a shortage of doctors on a whole. His decision would not only make current doctors busier but it would also be more of a financial burden for the province. New Brunswick is already barely able to sustain its medicare system and we are now expected to pay for an unnecessary procedure. I touched on why abortion is bad for the economy of New Brunswick back in September

However, not to be all doom and gloom for my province, I will say that I am thankful that there are so few doctors currently willing to do abortions.

I also hope that no other doctors step forward to do the procedure come January 1st.

I am also thankful that, for the moment, the abortion mill in my province is still closed. There is no reason to have private clinic and even less reason for it to be funded as it is now redundant.

I also hope that the pro-life liberals who voted for Brian Gallant are ashamed of themselves. I hate having to be a one-issue voter but I can never, in good conscience, vote for a party that is not pro-life.

I also hope, that more New Brunswickers speak out and tell mister Gallant that this is not what New Brunswick needs and not what we want.

It’s bad for New Brunswick, for women, and for Canada.


Shame on you Mr. Gallant, I hope you realize what you have done.


One thought on “Thankfulness – Not Alone Series Vol. 2

  1. It sounds like you are thankful for democracy! I noticed that the U.S. wasn’t in that graphic comparing countries. Unfortunately, abortion is legal in the U.S. at any time during pregnancy. Most people think of Roe v. Wade in 1973, but Planned Parenthood v. Casey in 1992 made it legal to perform an abortion with a doctor’s certification that the abortion is necessary for the health of the mother, and “health” can be defined as broadly as possible mental distress. It completely ignores that having a baby is stressful for *every* woman, it’s ridiculous, and I share your dismay.

    We’ll just have to keep praying, speaking out like you’re doing, and hope we can move forward with a clear conscience.

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