Five Favourites Vol. 1

Wow, my blog has been neglected. I’m looking at my last post from September. Almost 2 full months ago. Nonsense.

Getting back into the swing of things nice and slow with Five Favourites hosted over at Call Her Happy. I’m actually blogging at work which is an absolute first for me but I’ve been wondering how to spend my long lunch breaks at my new job and then I read Melody‘s 5 Favourites and she mentioned how she blogs at work and it was a total “why didn’t I think of that” moment!



 I am not a winter person. At all. And I hate shoe shopping even more. I needed winter boots and I always swore I would never, ever, ever, get UGG style boots because….ugly. But! Then I was in great need of boot and there was an impending snow storm on November the 2nd so on the 1st I dragged my butt to the mall to find a pair of boots that I could afford (total budget crunch right now with switching jobs and all that jazz) and I found these guys. And they were warm. And on sale. And annoyingly comfortable. They aren’t UGG brand, but Airwalk and I was sold. I literally tried on all the boots in my price range hoping to avoid getting these boots but alas, it was not to be. I’m converted. I’m that girl now, with the red cup and the wannabe Uggs.


My new job! It’s an executive administrator job at the local Right to Life office and I couldn’t be happier. I’m only about 2 weeks in and there is so much to learn but I’m so excited to be working at a job that makes a difference and is dedicated to helping the most vulnerable among us. I’ve not always been completely pro-life (and, while I was in university I was pretty prochoice) but I’m so happy that God has called me to this mission and I am just so excited. (Also, shout out to St. Jude, I was finishing up his novena when I got the call that I got the job)


Candy Cane hot chocolate. I’m a Canadian girl, and Tim Horton’s candy cane dark hot chocolate is killing it for me right now. I’m glad it is back and that we’ve hit the sweet spot in the year where I can enjoy candy cane hot chocolate and the beginnings of winter before I hope into Advent mode.


Do I have a fourth think I’m favouriting right now? No, not actually, but I’m happy as a clam that I have a Kitchen Aid mixer (a gift from my ever wonderful parents last year at Christmas) and I can’t wait to get into some Christmas baking with it this year!


I’m part of a Facebook community that is associated with the Not Alone Series blog link ups hosted by Jen and Morgan and an offshoot group has since been created by those of use who are part of that community and also work for prolife causes. It’s so nice to have the support of the NAS women and then women in the St. GianNAS group as well. I’ve yet to actually contribute to any of their blog link ups, but, baby steps. I’ll get to it.


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