And now for something completely different….Boot Camp Week One

I’m going to try blogging more. I know when The Dweej hit a blogging slump 7 in 7 broke her out of it. I don’t plan/want/have fodder for 7 posts in 7 days (I don’t think?), but I’m going to try for like 4 or 5.

Any way, I started a gym bootcamp this week. It’s called Downsize Fitness and it is specifically designed for people with 50+ pounds they need to lose. I have like 80 to lose to get to my “healthy weight range” but I also know that health is so so so much bigger than a number on a scale. Although, the number helps.

I signed up for this bootcamp for a few reasons.

First, back in 2013 I got down to my lowest weight ever. I was in the 180s, and I felt great and my clothes fit and shopping was fun. Then I started to get super busy and my planning skills are not great so eventually the weight started creeping back on. Then I could never find a rhythm again, I had to much going on finding time to work out was…not impossible, but not easy.

Second, my motivation level on my own is zero. I need accountability and I had no gym buddy. So that is a problem. I tried the apps, setting reminders on my phone, the DVDs, the 15 minute blasts and I couldn’t stick with anything

Third, I like working out with people. I like competition and I like to feel pushed. Working out on your own doesn’t give me that same edge.

So far,  I’m really liking the bootcamp. There are only 4 other people and I’m the youngest (though not by much) and the thinnest, so I sometimes feel that the trainer might have higher expectations of me. I have met with her one on one and she gave me some strength training exercises that I can do outside of the bootcamp times. Which is great. I’m not much for strength training. So I love having someone guiding me through it.

The bootcamp is on Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour, which means that for the next 4 months I’ll be late to my Catholic adults group, but ultimately, worth it.

The downside, is that because it is only 2 times a week that gives me a lot of time to screw it up, working out intensively for 2 hours a week and then doing nothing for the other 5 days? Not super effective.

So on that note, I’ll be incorporating some other gym time based on the exercises that the trainer gave me and I’ll be trying to hit 10,000 steps a day at least 3 times a week. Apparently that’s good for you, probably cause it forces you to move about. So far, 10,000 steps has amount to ~7.5km a day.

I’m super excited for this next adventure and will keep you all updated.

God bless,



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