Five Favourites: Robin Williams Edition

I hesitate to even write about this because it feels selfish because I didn’t even know him. Not in person, we never met and we never had a single, solitary conversation. Yet, I’m indescribably sad, or morose as John Keating would prefer, over the death of Robin Williams. I’m devastated.

I finally understand when people say they lost part of their childhood, I understand the upset when Marilyn Monroe died, I finally get how you can be so upset over a person you didn’t know.

Sure, I was sad when Heath Ledger died because 10 Things I Hate About You is and was one of my most favoured movie but the loss of Mr. Williams is hitting hard.

Suicide isn’t something uncontrollable no matter how it seems. I’ve been to the depths of despair and depression and sometimes it really did feel like the only option I have because depression hurts, it creeps in and it settles until you just give up all hope. Everything is so black you don’t see the light, the worthiness, the dignity of your own life. You stop feeling like you are accomplishing things and truly, truly believe that there is no way out except death. When you don’t see the joy in living, death really does become your only option.

We must always remember to treat people with love, with charity, and respect. We must  remember that they are beloved by their Creator. We must remember their dignity and worth. We must remember to be examples of joy. We must be able to be available and open to them. We need to make sure to ask people how they are and listen to what they say.

Most importantly, we, each and every one of us, needs to be able to ask for help. We need to be able to humble ourselves enough to become vulnerable with another person because “many hands make light work” isn’t just in regards to physical toil, emotional toil is meant to be shared too. 

In a society where everything is closed of and human contact has resorted to simply “liking” and “retweeting” we need to remember that nothing, not a thing, will ever replace human contact, true friendships and filial and agape love. 

Will talking, sharing and asking help? Yes, but not entirely, depression is insidious, but if we start living and treating and value every life it will help to see people see their full value and dignity.

I know God is merciful, I pray that Mr. Williams is released from purgatory, I pray that he is able to find this joy basking in the love and glow of God. I pray that God is able to heal the pain of Mr. Williams family, that they may know that their husband and father is waiting for them in paradise. I pray that they find solace in God, their memories and Mr. Williams vast body of work.

The world is a bit dimmer without Mr. Williams but we’ll always remember the first time we saw (or heard) his exuberance on screen. When our first encounter was. And how it made us feel.

And, on that note (and the longest preamble to a five favourites list ever), I give you my:

Five Favourite Robin Williams Clips

(in no particular order)

1.  “Prince Ali” – Aladdin

Friend Like Me is great, but this is my favourite

2. The Dinosaur Scene – Mrs. Doubtfire

I sing this song all the time, I just can’t get over it

3. From Dead Poets Society

What will your verse be?

4.  Jumanji

Nothing deep, I just always really loved this movie

5. I Need My Children – Mrs. Doubtfire

This isn’t the scene I wanted but I love this one too. I wanted the scene at the end where he reads the letter and says,

Where there is love, those are the ties that bind”

Good bye, Mr. Williams, you will be forever loved and sorely missed. Your mark on this earth was permanent and your family and friends were lucky to know you. I pray you find the peace and answers you were looking for in the arms of our Saviour.


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