Standing with the Nasrani

Today on Facebook, I changed my Profile Picture to this:

I did this because I’ve been ready some scary, scary stuff about ISIS, Iraq and the Christians of the Middle East.

I’m going to preface this by saying that I have no animosity towards Muslims. Many, many, many of them are peaceful, loving, respectful men and women of great faith. I still pray for them and ultimately for their conversion to the Catholic faith, but ultimately I understand that cultural ties to a religion make it difficult to convert and the God will be merciful upon them. I believe the ecumenism is important and religious tolerance is important as well.

That said, I am alarmed and concerned about ISIS and the more militant Muslims. I am concerned about Sharia law and I am concerned with their complete lack of religious tolerance. 

According to several news reports and a letter from the Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church, ISIS is specifically targeting Christians. These Muslims are spray painting the Arabic letter N which is an indicator that Christians live there. 

They are giving these Christians 3 options: Convert, Pay a tax that non-Muslims must pay (undisclosed amount) or face death. 

Many people are still claiming that most Muslims disagree with ISIS and they are targeting other Muslims as well and this is true. Many people are commenting that this is just a small group, we out number them and they will be defeated. 

But at what cost? I don’t like to make comparisons to Nazi Germany, but some of the comparisons are startling. 


Painting on building to indicate that an unwanted lives or works there? Creating ID cards to indicate what religion or sect you belong to? This  has happened before and, like now, people were told not to worry because Hitler was just one guy and we can beat him.

And we did. But only after millions and millions of innocent people were slaughtered.

It shouldn’t have happened then, and it shouldn’t be happening now.

It’s time to pray. 

It’s time for solidarity.

It’s time to say no more.

No more unnecessary deaths.

No more innocent deaths. 

No more jihad.

No more white-washing and in offensive newscasts.

I believe most Muslims don’t want this, but, just because a majority may not want this it doesn’t mean we should be afraid to report the truth.

Something needs to be done. I don’t have answers, and I don’t know what to suggest but pray. Pray for the leaders.

Pray for the innocents.

Pray for harmony.

Pray for conversions of heart.

Pray for conversions of mind.

Pray unceasingly, Pope St. John Paul II helped end communism in the USSR using only prayer. It works and it is powerful. The Lord listens to His people, but sometimes we need to learn lessons first. Sometimes we need to realize we don’t have other options. 

He listens, call on him to end the terror. 

Pray for Israel, Palestine and the Gaza region as well.

Just pray, and never cease. 

Because the Muslims have declared jihad on the Holy Lands before, and now, just like then, we can win them back.




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