Frivolous Lunacy

I am tired of writing about things that matter. I feel like this blog has taken a slightly depressing turn of late.


And I am SUPER unimpressed with OECTA’s decision to be involved with the Pride Parade in Toronto. It only reaffirms my belief that public schools shouldn’t be allowed to label themselves as Catholic.


Anywho, my work handed out pedometers and issued a challenge to us employees to see who can accomplish the most distance between June 23 and September 23rd. The goal is to see if, site wide, we can accumulate the distance to say that we’ve “walked to Jupiter”. Which is 36000 km.

Which is 395 km a day for the 91 days of this challenge. I did the math. 3600 would be like 39km.


So my goal is the nice round number of: 680km. Which is about 7.5km a day (my daily goal).


Here is how it is going to work:

-I’m going to walk home from work (about 4.5km)

-I am going to go for runs 3 mornings a week (about 1km, still working up my run tolerance again. I’m woefully out of shape compared to last summer)

-The random walking around you do during the day

-the stairs in my apartment building.


So, ultimately, I’m thinking it won’t be hard to accumulate the 7km/day goal.


I’m also going to be tracking cals, weight, and pace. So we will see how it goes. I plan on posting updates and maybe even divulge the weight situation (*15 pounds heavier than last July!)


Walking music?! Don’t mind if I do:



Also I got to make some spreadsheets! My favourite. I’ll share those once some super OCD data in them. I’m concerned I have some sort of spreadsheet, list making OCD but I’m not sure if that’s a thing. My momma says our family is inclined towards degrees of OCD. lol




I saw Jersey Boys. Walk, don’t run, and see that stuff! It’s so good. I’ve been wanting to see the stage show for ages, but this is as close as I’m getting for now.



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