7 Quick Takes: The Music That Makes Me Happy Edition

I don’t really like Christian music. But sometimes I need to listen to some happy music. Especially lately when everything has been a bit of a downer, all the shootings, the Boko Haram, the Euthanasia. So I drown out my crazy worries in song (and prayer). And here are my current favourites. [WARNING: I like Broadway, so there might be a lot of that, but I’m making this up on the fly. So who knows]. All these songs make me smile. Fact.

— 1 —

I Believe – The Book of Mormon Official Soundtrack

Yep, this is kind of a weird choice. But, full disclosure, I’ve always had this weird fascination with Mormons. Although they are a theologically wrong, I’ve always admired their committment to their beliefs. And even though this musical is a comedy, but I like this song because it reminds me that professing your faith, and living your faith is something you have to do in entirety. You have to share it. And you can’t just “believe partway, you have to believe in it all”

— 2 —

Fireflies – Faith Hill

I just like this song for its whimsy. The bible says we are supposed to have faith like child, and I think thisong is a perfect reminder of the easy whimsy and belief of childhood.

— 3 —

93 Million Miles – Jason Mraz

This one is just great. Listen to it, it is pretty self explanatory, to me anyway.

— 4 —

How I Go – Yellowcard ft. Natalie Maines

On the upfront, this may not seem like a feel good song. But I love it. It is beautiful. And it is from my favourite band. So that’s a win. I just love the score.

— 5 —

Lollipop – Mika

It is just impossible to listen to this song and not smile. It’s the truth.

— 6 —

Do You Hear The People Sing? (from the Epilogue) – Les Miserables

This whole musical is a bundle of depressing, but it ends on a really positive note. And I like that. Plus this clip has my favourite Enjorlas (Aaron Tveit). He’s been a favourite of mine since Next to Normal.

— 7 —

One Thing – One Direction

I’m a fan. I’ve always had a silly weakness for boy bands, but this song is just so happy. And that is just great.

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