Where I’ve Been…

I’ve been such a bad blogger lately. I’ve been in a weird funk and I don’t know how to get out. And I’ve been busy as hell. 

I like to live things slowly. I like planning and lists and I’m not really thrilled when thinks go other wise. I try to claim that I’m super flexible and laid back. But that is kind of a lie. 

Thinks are, thankfully, looking to calm down and I have about 85 half-written posts so once things calm back I want to get things on a roll again. 

I did start running again. So that is a positive. Running always helps me clear my mind and get things straightened out and I got a new app on my phone to help me keep track of all my craziness (shout out to Evernote and digital to-do lists!!) 


Anyways. I promise I will try to get back on my regular scheduled blogging next week. 


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