Preparing for My First March for Life

In a few minutes I am about to head down to my first ever March for Life.

In the grand scheme, the New Brunswick one is a tiny march compared to the national one which had 23000 people last week. But it is still a big deal for me.

I was pro-life before I was pro-Catholic. People often I am pro-life because of my religion but that isn’t the case. But until recently I wasn’t comfortable being vocally pro-life.

I avoid conflicts and confrontation. I hate making myself uncomfortable or making others feel uncomfortable. Being pro-life is about love. Immense love. But love isn’t always comfortable. Nothing in life is supposed to be comfortable.

Being comfortable and being complacent are not being pro-life. Being pro-life is about love.

It is about the love for human rights. The first being the right to life.

It is about love for science. The science that shows us the new life that begins at conception and the by the time most children are aborted they have their own DNA. And a heartbeat.

It is about the love for children. Girls and those with disabilities. Who are more commonly aborted than anyone else.

It is about the love for woman. To show woman there is life after an unplanned pregnancy. There is support. There is a community that cares for them more than their bottom line.

Being pro-life is about life. Its joys and despairs. It is about changing laws to value people.  Born and unborn.

This is why I am choosing to march. This is why we march. We march for those who cannot speak for themselves and who have so much love to give and just need the chance to give it.

This is why I march.


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