Only One Chance to Say: Women In The Church

Still no computer, so posts from my phone continues. Apologies for dubious formatting or typos in advance.

Last weekend I was at the Diocese of Charlottetown Young Adult Summit and I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting and networking with many other like minded young adults. We were able to discuss, challenge and consider all of the possibilities for young adult ministry and the Church as a whole.

Two questions were brought up by the facilitators. One is, “why bother with the Church?” and the other,  “if you only had one chance to tell someone something, what would you say?”. I have been mulling over these questions a lot. And I am wordy, so there is a lot to consider and one post would never suffice.

So, I am thinking of turning one or both of them into a series of posts because the questions are important and need answering.

A quick summary of my post: The Catholic Church does not hate, belittle, or view women as less than men.

Okay, got that? She doesn’t. It isn’t hard to grasp but yet…people don’t get it. One of the main comments I kept getting when I decided to recommit to my Catholic faith was “but women aren’t equal”.

Women will never be priests but it isn’t because women are less equal than men it is because they are equal but different. Men are called to be priests because they are called to stand in the Person of Christ or in persona christi. They are able to stand in His place because Jesus chose to come to Earth as a man.

Women cannot stand in for men any more than men can stand in for women. Superficially, they can hold the same jobs, earn the same wages, etc. but biologically they cannot be the other. Men cannot bear children and women cannot be priests. One cannot take the place of the other. It is impossible.

This isn’t to say that women have to bear children. They can choose to become sisters or nuns or consecrated virgins. It is just as men don’t need to be priests.

But is has nothing to do with equality. If the Church was preaching inequality why were so many early martyrs women? Why would a woman willfully chose to convert to religion that, at the time, was a death sentence? It would’ve made no sense.


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