7 Quick Takes on my Phone!

These will probably be the quickest of takes because…blogging on my phone is my least favourite thing. Ever. I am still bitter that my computer is dead. I will get over it. Because? First world problems.

— 1 —

Spring has finally come to New Brunswick! I am thrilled and love that I can wear my dresses and skirts without tights and listen to my summer music. Like Wild Wild West and Ocean Avenue. Life is good again! I love music that is so bad it is awesome in the summer and feel no shame for it.

— 2 —


Something Other Than God. I have no words how much I loved this book. I think Catholics and non-Catholics will find something identifiable in it. How often do we try to fill our lives with things that are shallow and superficial to find our happiness? How often do we find ourselves broken, alone and depressed in search of our elusive happy?

Jennifer Fulwiler spent years doing just that. But trying to find pure and lasting happiness in our shallow world will only lead to disappointment. That is why we need God. That is why we need His Church. That is why every day we search for something other than God, we are going to be disappointed.

Just…read the book. Trust Me. I’ll do more thorough review when I get my computer back.

— 3 —

This weekend I am going to PEI for a young adult summit. So to say I am excited is a wild understatment. It is run by the people who started the Theology on Tap program and I can’t wait.

— 4 —

Last night I had someone try to psychoanalyze me. Sort of. It was really uncalled for and I was astounded. I was asked to tell a story from my own life about how I am a resurrection story. About what was my own personal Good Friday and how I came out of it.

I briefly said I had been away from the Church for 7 years and said that for most of that time I would’ve consideres myself agnostic. But I went through a lot and eventually rediscovered Truth and came home and now I am living that.

I pick at my cuticles and scratch at my skin when I get anxious and uncomfortable. And this next part had me scratching at my skin so bad I nearly bled.

I said I didn’t want to get into anything in detail because it was personal. The response?

That means you haven’t really dealt with it and aren’t really worked through it because your not able to talk about it.

I was appalled. To be made to feel guilty for not wanting to share something personal? Who does that to someone?

— 5 —

I figured that without a computer I would have more time to read. But nope. I’ve been reading less.

I want this busy to calm the flip down for two seconds so I can finish another book.

Or re-read Jennifer Fulwiler’s book. Because it is literally the first time I have ever made notes in an autobiography. There is a lot of underlining.  I also learned a lot about the origins of the Mass and Eucharistic celebration in her book. So it is both interesting, hilarious, tear inducing, and instructional.

How often do you find that in a book?

— 6 —

I am going to my first ever March For Life next week in New Brunswick. This year it is especially contentious in NB because the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton announced its potential closure in July. The only on-demand abortion clinic in NB (it also serves PEI).

So this might be the most important one in Fredericton to date.

Also, mad props to the 23000 people who marched in Ottawa yesterday.

— 7 —

I am just going to leave this:

Watch it. Love it. Dance.

You are welcome.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

God bless,


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