Busy, busy, busy…

I have been such a poor, neglectful little blogger the past few weeks.

I wish I had pictures to show you, but I don’t. Too busy to take photos.


The rundown….


  • So, April 11th we had the ThinkFast for my youth group and to say it went underwhelmingly would be an understatement. None of my youth group teens showed up and we had a lot of leaders and some teens form a different parish. 8 teens in total. Can’t say I cared though. ThinkFast is a shoot of D&P and the only reason I was involved at all was because we didn’t do it as a fundraiser.
  • April 12th I did some volunteer work at the community kitchen which gave me some time to catch up with my friend who I hadn’t seen in ages.
  • April 13th was Palm Sunday. And it was nice. My priest didn’t do a homily about the Gospel, and instead chose to read a prayer that had been part of our ThinkFast which annoyed me to no end. Because D&P has no place in the Mass.

I flew home April 18 for a week at home and it has been non-stop ever since:

  • April 18, Good Friday. I love Good Friday. I love the feeling of despair and home for God’s fulfilled promises. I love facing my sinfulness with hope that it gets better and that we can get past ourselves. ……..But, this Good Friday I got none of that from Church. The homily was really disturbing and not in a good way.  It was entirely about the other thief on the cross (not the one who asks forgiveness), and it asked us not to judge him because he was a “freedom fighter just like Jesus” and that “sometimes religious people get in the way of change”. Ahem. I was fuming.
  • Saturday was Easter Vigil and I love it.
  • Sunday was Easter! Alleluia! Jesus is Risen! It was a wonderful day filled with joy and wonderful food and great friends. We took in some strays who had no family to visit so it was fun, fun times.
  • Monday was a much lower stress day than Sunday. We mostly recovered and visited with another friend. And my baby sister and her boyfriend got home for a visit. Both my sister and her (Scottish) boy friend had exams Easter Monday so they missed all the Easter excitement.

Today was lowkey and nice. Did a bit of shopping and bought another new book, because that is how I roll. Tomorrow will be another non-stop day, so, without a doubt I will be good and exhausted by the time I get back to work on Friday.

The busyness is a blessing. And I wouldn’t change it.


I hope everyone has a happy and blessed Easter season.





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