Why I love Easter Vigil

The official rundown on why Easter Vigil rocks:

  1. People are baptised and welcomed into the Church. And it is glorious.
  2. Candles
  3. The walk in at darkness with the candles. A constant reminder that we need to be the light to those who still walk in darkness. To witness when it is easier not to and to constant illuminate for the glory of the Risen Lord.
  4. The Litany of the Saints. This is possibly my favourite part. I get such comfort in knowing that there are so many holy men and holy women who have gone through life with similar struggles. Who can inspire. Who can be aspirational. Who show us that it truly gets better and the constant Earthly struggles are worth Eternal Life with the Risen Lord.
  5. Communion of Saints. The new baptisms and confirmations combined with the Litany of Saints is a living example of this communion of Saints we are blessed to be a part of. We are never alone in this world, someone has gone ahead of us and we can follow in their footsteps.
  6. All the readings and psalms. Jesus came in fulfillment of scriptures and we are blessed to be able to sit at the Vigil and listen to all of the prophecies come to pass. Our God is truly good and never abandons his children.

And last, but certainly not least,

7. JESUS CHRIST IS TRULY RISEN. What a wonderous world that God, holy above all, sent his Son. How wonderful that after 40 days of fasting, abstinence and spiritual struggle our God has sent his Son to redeem the world.


How womderful that even in my humanity and imperfections he has redeemed me.

How wonderful that every time I say “yes” to God and to his Holy Catholic Church I am participating in my salvation.

How womderful to know that through the holy Eucharist I am united with His Body and His Blood so that I may be always close with him.

How wonderful to know that through Confession I am given the graces needed to rebel against my sinful inclinations.

How wonderful to know that God is truly with us, after 2000 years, and His Church has stayed stong and is a beacon of safety in an upset world.


How wonderful it is that God chose to create life. Chose to give us will. Chose to bless us with love. And chose to send his Son to redeem us.


Redeem us though we reject him

Redeem us though we sin.


Jesus Christ is truly Risen. This Easter season open yourself to the Lord and his Church. Feel his love. Ask the saints to help in your struggles.


And never forget the agony Christ went through for each of us.


Like the candles at the Vigil, ask God for help to be the light of the world.




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