7 Quick Takes: The Completely Shallow Edition

After last week’s super long quick takes, I’ve decided to make these ones short and sweet and completely shallow.

— 1 —

I’m finally starting to notice some positive changes related to the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I’m sleeping more soundly, but I’m not getting enough sleep because I’m still tired in the morning so I’m going to have to tweak my sleep schedule a little bit. Also, I’ve lost 3.2 pounds (since Ash Wednesday) with hardly any working out. I’m still diligently doing my morning cycle of squats, crunches, and the plank but no cardio so I don’t consider it working out because I don’t get sweaty. Gross, I know.

— 2 —

In an entirely unrelated comment, I belong to a subscription box service called Julep Maven (and the Ipsy service, but I’m not discussing them) and last week I received this: Freedom Polymer Topcoat

I’ve officially discovered that top coats, regardless of brands and promising, will still ’cause nails to chip almost right away. My hands look like they were painted WEEKS ago and not 5 days ago.

I just noted a caveat on their website that says this top coat should be used every other day to prevent chipping. …..not happening. So, My first disappointing Maven gift. But their colours are delightful.

For example, I’m super obsessed with the Wizard of Oz (like super obsessed) and there is no rhyme and reason for it, but I got offered $25 off this bad boy, and I just couldn’t resist: Is it wrong that my decision was swayed by the gift box?

— 3 —

These takes are riveting, aren’t they?

Yesterday I worked until 3:30 and I had a list of things 8 miles long that needed to be done when I got home because today (my day off) is going to be filled to the bring of stuff that is unrelated to me or my regular day off errands.

This was my to do list:

-Go to Confession (I missed Mass last week, for no real good reason except that I was entirely frustrated by the goings on at my youth group that I just wanted to go home and curl up in a ball).

-Go to the drugstore to get tea tree oil and a birthday card for my 2nd mommy.

-Do laundry (normally done on my day off, except I’ve been so busy that I had literally run out of alll clean clothing)

-Make lunches for the next week at work (normally done on my day off)

-Make dinner

-Prepare a lunch for the NET retreat today so I’m not tempted by the delightful junk food I’m sure we will have for them…..

Only half of these got done. The last 2. All the forces of the universe aligned against me and I didn’t make it home from work in time to make it to Confession. Which blows. And since I wasn’t going down town, I dropped the drugstore of the list. So by the time I got home from work my to do list was fairly manageable. And I intended to get to Mass early today and try to corner the priest before Mass to hear my confession. Easy.

Until I get a call at 8pm last night telling me that two of the NET team members (NETters) are gluten free. And can I make sure that they have gluten free food to eat in their bagged lunch for Monday? ….Now I live in a place where the groceries stores close early on Saturday evening. So I wasn’t able to take care of that last night. And the grocery store opens at 10am and Mass is at 11:30. So I have to go to the grocery store and buy some appropriate gluten free lunch foods, pack a lunch, and still try to get to Mass early enough to corner a priest and convince them to hear my Confession.

I don’t know what forces of the universe are against me hearing my confession (but Satan is getting a serious side eye right now) because this is getting ridiculous.

And so are last minute things getting added to my to-do list.

— 4 —

In semi-related news, I’m SUPER excited for the the NETters to be at our youth group today. Oh em gosh. I loved NET retreats when I was in highschool so I can’t wait! Even if I woke up to an email asking me to please make sure that the right people get assigned to the correct billets families. I don’t have names for these NETters yet, so right now I’ve mentally given them all numbers.

NET guy 1: at rectory with NET guys 2, 3, and 4.

Gluten free NET guy: with my other mother and NET guy 6.

Gluten free NET girl: with billet family I’ve never met before and NET Girl 2.

The leftover NETters, with the nice British family that I have met once.

That should work. I’ll be like Dr. Yang on Grey’s Anatomy when she had interns and called them by number…

Also, I don’t always react calmly to things being added to my to-do list last minute. I actually full panicked when I heard “gluten free” yesterday. My sister, who is gluten free received 2 panicky phone calls (she wasn’t answering her phone and has not activated her voicemail) and then a whole lotta Facebook messages a long the line of “Answer your phone, your my only hope. You are the only person who can save my sanity. TELL ME WHAT YOU EAT.”

After all that nice normal sister-ing, she answered her phone and told me what she makes herself for lunch most days. I hope I can find snack sized gluten free foods at the grocery store otherwise the gluten-free NETters are going to have enough to make themselves lunch for several days!

— 5 —

I’m losing steam, I don’t know what else talk about. I’m hopefully going home to visit my family for Easter. So that’s a thing. I also hope that on this trip I can get my tattoo touched up. I got it last summer with my 2 sisters.

They all match.

I got mine on my ankle bone and it hurt like a you-know-what.

Photographic proof: wpid-20140316_063117.jpg

— 6 —

I am more or less out of things to say. Except that I’m not at all keeping up with reading What We Can’t Not Know I’m finding it dense and a tad boring. But I will continue the slog. I pre-ordered to other books in the last week (I graciously failed at my moratorium on buying new books until I’d finished reading the ones I already own…). Because they are preordered I won’t get them right away. One Girl at the End of the World: My Escape from Fundamentalism in Search of Faith with a Future is about a woman who leaves a fundamentalist Christian sect (I love stories like these. Catholicism is so freeing, but I love love love learning about people in other denominations and their search for truth. And I pray that it leads them back to Catholicism, the one true chruch).

The other book, Something Other Than God: How I Passionately Sought Happiness and Accidently Found It is written by the host of these here takes, and I’m super excited to finally receive it in the mail. At the end of next month. That time can not come fast enough….I’m now thinking I should purchase a copy for my sister as well. She might relate to it, or not, but it might help her on her own journey…

— 7 —

That is it. I’m out.

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