What I’ve Been Eating….

Not much going over here. Working on my presentation. Eating. Dealing with yet ANOTHER foot and a half of snow, (I swear, if this snow doesn’t go away soon I will loooooose my miiiiiiind).

Here is a quick round up of food I’ve been eating on my Sugar Detox.

PhotoGrid_1394832839031 (1)

Clockwise from top left:

1) Pork chops, with a homemade from scratch mushroom & carrot gravy with spinach and carrots.

2) Steak, broccoli, sweet potato fries.

3) Omelette, sweet potato fries, home made spicy mushroom dip.

4) Steak, brussell sprouts, and asparagus

5) Chicken, brussell sprouts

6) Homemade, from scratch, beef stew.

God Bless,

Rebecca (who is desperately wishing she had thought to write down some of these recipes…….)


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