Clean Lent…the First Week.

The high high hopes of eating clean and working out and becoming more active in my prayer life for Lent, well…oy. Not so great.

Maybe I was expecting too much of myself or perhaps I didn’t realise how intensely I would feel the 21 Day Sugar Detox effects, or how acutely I would feel the time change, or just general busy-ness.

I know consciously it is good for me to tune out and focus on other things that are related to my phone, or my computer. And I know that constantly having the TV on in the background while I am cooking and eating or working on things for my youth group of for work is also not helping but…habits are haaaaaaaaaaard to break.

First up.

My first week on the 21DSD aside from my couple of mistakes has been okay. I always, generally, eat pretty healthy. My trouble is condiments because I love me some sugar laden condiments. And making an effort to cook in advance so that I am not scrambling and relying on junky foods when I get busy. But it is a good skill to have, I’m sure. Especially if I ever get married and have kids.

But, to say that I have been diligently tracking my food intake would be be an understatement. For proofs:

The first few days...pretty good..

The first few days…pretty good..

and then:

Hahaha yep. That is me. Absolutely no followthrough.

Hahaha yep. That is me. Absolutely no followthrough.

I am still determined to follow through with this, I just can’t promise I will write stuff down. ….Now, have I noticed any positive changes? Well, aside from the detox hangover (it is fun waking up hung over when you haven’t had alcohol in nearly a month….) and the bouts of dehydration (I always drink 90% water. Rarely juice and no longer pop) so suddenly being constantly dehydrated is something entirely new to me. And I don’t like it one bit. Dry skin sucks, headaches suck, chapped lips. All of it, sucks. So now I have to drink even more tea and water than I normally doooo. Oh, and the coworker-friend I have who likes to tell me I shouldn’t eat certain things because “there is sugar in that”. And my slightly crabby response of “IT IS ON MY APPROVED LIST! DO NOT TAKE MY TEA AWAY FROM ME”. I’m thoroughly delightful and charming. Let us hope that it gets better…

Positive results? Um, well, I think I’m sleeping better but I’m wildly inconsistent about going to bed on time. And the time change didn’t help. But I am sleeping more deeply, for example, this morning I didn’t hear my roommate get up and get ready for work which has NEVER happened before. The joy of having the bedroom beside the bathroom.I am still tired ALL the freaking time though so maybe it is all in my head that I am sleeping better. Also, I think I’ve lost a teeny bit of weight. My collar bones are almost slightly visible now, so I guess that is a thing.

Since the beginning of Lent, I have yet to darken the door of my local gym. Literally, the Y is DIRECTLY beside my apartment building. But, I have been doing some of the at home 30 Day challenges that you can find on Pinterest. I’m not always doing them daily, but when I miss a day, I double up the next day. Which hurts like hell, and serves me right. Offer it up though, I’m sure the Lord can use my pain for something.

And, because I make an Excel graph for absolutely everything:

Maybe if I add a polka dot background the challenges won't seem so daunting...

Maybe if I add a polka dot background the challenges won’t seem so daunting…


Wow, so that is my Lenten round up. So far. It can only keep getting better.

And on the bright side, this detoxing and the crabbiness that goes with it is definitely helping me work on my charity towards others. Not taking my crabbiness out on others, St. Jude Thaddeus pray for me because it is super hard/impossible.


And that is it. That is my Lent round up week 1. 5 more to go.


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