So Far So….Meh

So Lent guys. Wow.

How is everyone’s Lent go. Mine has been a constant struggle. A struggle to remember to pray, to eat right, to work out. All of the things I have decided to do. And it has been hard. Definitely some slip ups. But tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day and I will just keep going.

I had my youth group today and there is nothing like feeling you are alone in a storm. Like you are the only person fighting for something that nobody cares about.

I’ve never been that person before. I don’t like being that person. I’m an introvert and I avoid confrontation like the plague.
But, God has gifted me with two distinct personality traits: intense stubbornness, and the overwhelming need to. always. always. be right.

And the more I form my conscience, the more I have tapped into the side of my personality. God gave me those traits for a reason. I need to be that person, I need to be an example and an instructor to these teens. Even if I’m going toe to toe with a woman at least twice my age. I respect my elders, but I don’t believe that means they must never be challenged. But, I just feel that until I can do that in a spirit of charity and love, it is better left unsaid. So we pray and go to confession. My least favourite thing in the world. But man, it is amazing.

This Lent is turning out to be stressful. Oy.

God Bless,


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