Ash Wednesday: Morning

When you have a cold fasting becomes a problem.

At least for me. When I have a cold, I want to do nothing more than curl up in a ball, whine and eat all the junk food I can. Ha, joke’s on me because that is ending now.

Although, I am still concerned that the cough drops I rely on during the day for this awful possible bronchitis cough I have will negate my fast. I looked them up, those babies are 15 calories a piece and have a lot of sugar.

But I’m not too concerned and I’m sure Jesus will forgive me.

I had 1 egg for breakfast. According to Canon Law those of us of fasting age (18-59) may eat one meal and then two small meals, but they mustn’t exceed the quantity of the main meal. And they must not contain meat or meat derivatives that taste meaty (like gravies or soups). Eggs are okay though.

So for breakfast I had one egg. For lunch I will have some veggies. Essentially I’m breaking up my normal breakfast over two meals. Normally for breakfast I have 2 eggs, bacon, and then some sort of vegetable. I’m skipping the bacon entirely of course.

I haven’t decided on supper yet, but I plan to go to the gym today (another Lenten challenge) so it will likely be more eggs.

I have also said a morning offering. So far so good. Even if I’m still hungry. But I will offer up those hunger pains in prayer today for various intentions.

Have a blessed Lent, don’t forget to go to Mass!

God Bless,



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