The What and Why of Clean Lent

The best place to start a Lenten sacrifice is on Shrove Tuesday. Probably. I’m having cookies for dinner and also Pizza Pockets. Not exactly the Pancake Tuesdays of my youth.

But I’ve never really been into pancakes so I’m okay with that. And if people can shamelessly co-opt Mardi Gras into a debaucherous wilding then I co-opt pancakes for cookies.

But actually that speaks to a larger issue that I have in my relationship with food. And by that I mean my relationship with food is wildly unhealthy.

Which brings me to the purpose of my Lent this year. I have a lot of plans this year for my Lent, some sacrificial and some prayerful.

I’m planning on reading more books and dedicate time every day to books, religious and fiction.

I’m planning on starting to say the night time Liturgy of the Hours (found here:

and I plan on working on my relationship with food, hence the title of this blog: Clean Lent. I am also going to start working out again.

I’m starting out by doing a 21 Day Sugar Detox (more information can be found here: and then once that is completed I’m going to switch to a Whole30 Paleo bootcamp for the remainder of Lent.

My food sacrifice may seem superficial to some, and that is okay. Because it really isn’t. It is directly related to the sin of gluttony. I binge on food, on junk, on carbs. I have a sugar addiction and it is a wrong that I need to fix. Not that bingeing is the only problem I have. I’m also known to chronically undereat and then compensate by bingeing. Unhealthy all the way around.

So that is my Lenten plan. The What and the Why.

It starts tomorrow.

And until then, I have more cookies.

God Bless,


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